Last coffee on my desk

until another caffeinated person moves here. It’s very tough to leave the university, especially knowing that my job leap will no longer involves teaching in any kind. No more classes, no more noisy students, no more grading craziness, and no more staying up late making modules, exams and all that. Now I know how T felt when she left the job last year! She had resigned, she had finished all the gradings needed but I found her with eyes glued to the monitor trying to make more modules ! As if she has anymore classes to teach ! I might give this syndrome a name => post-teaching syndrome. Teaching is indeed fun, your days are forever filled with non-stop annoyances, noises, and all that. But I think, I really need to take a break from it. So thank you all for being such great students ! I’m going to miss everyone here !

Be glad!

For us, the earthquake was merely a sudden interruption to our daily activity or a facebook joke. But for the others, it wasn’t. 59 people were reported dead and 37 others are still missing. More than 31,000 homes were badly damaged, 739 schools were destroyed and lots of distresses. That could’ve happened to us. Help as much as you could 🙂 !

(picture stolen from detik foto)

What I did in an earthquake

I was sitting on my desk, grading final exams, when I suddenly felt a light tremor. So I thought I had a migraine or something. But then the tremor got worse, my colleague suddenly said “It’s earthquake ! Get out !”. By then students, staffs, lecturers, etc were packed in the emergency stairs struggling to get out of the building. My first instinct was to close my laptop and carried it with me. I tried to take the power adapter with me too, but in the end, I didn’t because I got scared. I took nothing else with me, no wallet, no mobile phones, nothing! Just me and my macbook!
I hope the earthquake is over for good although the news said that there’s a potential Tsunami attack around Tasikmalaya area ( probably about 300 km away from where I am). Arrghh …I hope not !

Indonesia is 64 years old!

and as usual, Indonesians celebrate this by having the good old competitions like cracker-eating(makan krupuk), pole climbing (panjat pinang), marble race (lomba kelereng), and such. The ritual is fun and some kids actually waited for the opportunity to compete in these silly games. I remembered swearing that I shall win the marble-race competition the following year! But of course, every year, there’ll be tougher opponents. I did win a couple of times. This morning, I helped organising this ritual in our local temple. Hmm, it brought back lots of happy childhood moments. Look at how much fun they had:
The goal here is to insert the pencil to the empty tea bottle:
Some people get really serious with this:


A variation of the usual marble-race : “pick your marbles with chopsticks”:
So yayy , happy birthday my country!! 64 and going strong! Merdeka!