Hello world!

Finally I decided to create my very own blog. The blog phenomenon has been around for quite some time, yet I hardly ever been a part of it. Reason ? I see no reason why anyone would want to read it. Nonetheless, the sad truth is, people do have plenty of time to read others’ blogs huehehe … an escapade for procrastinators alike.

Now, what are the objectives of this blog? ( I’m starting to sound like a teacher ! Wait ! I am one ! )
First of all,I feel the need to either, catalyse my friends’ typically precipitate blog contents by concurring or exaggerating them ^_^ or ….. to actually neutralise them.

Second, there maybe some important updates about my life that I would like to broadcast to all but find it difficult to contact everyone in short notice, for example, I might suddenly decide to elope. Thus, I will need some form of communique for this purpose.

Third, I am highly envious of my friends’ blogs ^.^ .
No, I’m not trying to compete ( really ! honest ! I’m so not lying ! )

To conclude with, in this blog, expect to see random posts on office wild acts, students’ antics, funny findings, political issues (?) unlikely but possible …
Another thing, the posts will not always be in English, the language used will depend a lot on my mood, and of course my linguistic mastery , Surabaya-nese is the default.

Yo wes .. sampai jumpa ^_^


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. dj0k3rz says:

    i like this one….an escapade for procrastinators alike….HAHAHAHAHAHA….that is sooooooo us……….rotflmfaoltibu…. =p

  2. Richard says:

    Yes.. I am an escapade .. err.. what is escapade? Is it like escalate? or.. escudo?
    orr… es teler?

    Commoners like me would need expert help such as dictionary.com to comprehend the words and sentences.

    Gw nulis comment aja cek di kamus dulu, takut salah.. Malu euy..
    Anyway, for commoners, just visit my blog.. LOL.. (sekalian promosi?)

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