The friday story

Yep ! Lecturers in my campus are indeed rebellious and daring, today, we all dressed up in casual gear albeit the permission from the top was just verbally given yesterday.  Staffs from other departments looked at us in horror, and ‘the boss’ was rather surprised at our super-duper fast response. Huehehe … our fashion police, Mr NH, posted his coverage on the phenomenon in his blog. Students said they love our new look.

Now, fashion rebellion aside, I am so glad that my students are doing their best in entertaining the college with their online radio this week, and thanks a bunch to Mr Beefy for being on air ^_^.

Another weird thing, a student of mine was confirmed “lost”, literally lost. He has disappeared and nobody, not even his family, could find him. Oddly, this is the second time such thing occurred in my not-very-long history of teaching, yesss … my classes attract special students. Ms M (my supervisor) has placed the order to try to locate his whereabouts so I sent some messages via friendster, days after days, no sign of reply.

About several minutes ago, he called me, and explained that the reason behind his disappearance is because he is busy selling lingerie (???). He said he shall appear in the campus in another two weeks to submit all his assignments in bulk and if he couldn’t make it, he said I’m allowed to give him a fail. He has a history of quitting, so fingers crossed that he will actually submit his work.

I guess that’s the story of my Friday at work … going to hang out at my favouritessssttt ever café soon! Have a nice weekend all !

S.D ^___^


7 thoughts on “The friday story

  1. dj0k3rz says:

    lingerie?? last time I heard he was addicted to online games, now lingerie???? quite an improvement ehh??? maybe he is tryin to enrich his abilities with marketing strategies?? (hey isn’t someone else needs marketing strategies?)…rotflma0tibu

  2. dj0k3rz says:

    cocok tuh lo jd model lingerienya….skalian bposenya……….buat cover..TRUBUS….*plant of the month* jajajajaja

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