Upset_Stomach + Piles_of_Work + cheesy_pickup_lines() = Not_a_bad_day;

My stomach has been complaining since mid-morning Sunday.

No idea why, I’m suspecting either :

a. gastroenteritis ( alias sakit maag )

b. typhoid re-infection

c. food poisoning

 My prognosis is more towards option (a). So yes, I started the day feeling seriously awful, especially realising that I have tonnes ( yes,  tonnes !!) of work to do. Two weeks to final examination time, which means, I have to finish grading everryyythingg by end of this week.

Thankfully, the day did not end up as bad as I expected.

Ms Playboy Bunny’s “Go Girl” magazine became an inspiration for Is, our IT dude, to practice his err pick-up lines expertise on Ms K. With a bright and hopeful smile he approached K and the conversation went:

Is :        “ Kamu abis main lem ya ?”

 (translation :  Have you been playing with glue

K:          (looking at Is with a “you’re a weirdo” look)

Arion & Puput : (hysterically laughing,c os it sounds like “ Kamu abis ngelem ya ?”, translation: Have you been sniffing glue ? )

Is :        (pura-pura gak tau apa-apa)

            Soalnya kamu lengket banget di hatiku

            ( Cos you’re glued to my heart ).

Result   :           Huehehe the romantic attempt failed miserably with a disgusted, hysterical


But this incident did not stop Djokerz, Is and RS from creating and recalling, what they thought of as world’s best pick-up lines, you can read their list of favourite pick-up lines in RS’ blog. Personally, I think all girls will think they’re too tacky, but seriously, if you happen to be a bloke, desperate for some conversation starter, those pick-up lines may come handy. Yes, girls will DEFINITELY think you’re weird, and you’re a lost cause. In other words, you are harmless enough. Aha !

 Wait a minute, did I just spoil a tactic to potential players ? >_<  

Okay, just kidding, boys !

Don’t even think of using those pick-up lines!


5 thoughts on “Upset_Stomach + Piles_of_Work + cheesy_pickup_lines() = Not_a_bad_day;

  1. dj0k3rz says:

    Sandy emang suka maen lem?? Dia mah sukanya maen lem uhu….diputar, dijilat, trus dicelup ke ******** (sensooooorrr…..biar ga kena RUU APP)

  2. Martje says:

    eh gimana sih spy gw jg bisa nge blog disini..? hehehehe
    Sand.. how’s the breakouts anyway..? healing?.. maybe it’s just like snake skin, it just have to peel off kekeke

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