Cheesy Pickup Lines – The Sequel

Why too much of cheesy pick up lines can be worse than sour milk !?

Just look at what happened to our poor subject today :

Boy : Err …bokap lo …

Girl : Apa !!?? Tukang Lem kan ?? apa lagi ? hah ? Astronot ? kerja di planetarium ?? What else ?? (Left the room cruelly )

tsk tsk tsk … makanyaa …. use with cautions ^_^ heuehhehe …


5 thoughts on “Cheesy Pickup Lines – The Sequel

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  2. dj0k3rz says:


    Boy: roses are red, violets are blue……
    Girl: maksud looohhh???…..(dgn mulut manyun2 kyk anak2 ABG jaman skrg)
    Boy: i like me some Boy Bread (Roti Boy), and i like U2 (nama rock band)….
    Girl: hubungannya ama gue apa tong???……(dgn muka jutek)
    Boy: ga aaaadaa…lonya aja ke-ge-er-an….NDESOOH!!….(skrg kita tau who the girl is….)

  3. Richard says:

    Where are feminist freedom fighters? Comment dong girlss…

    Imagine a pick up line by a girl..
    Girl: …. (drop her pen)
    Boy: … (pick the pen)

    And that’s it. The boy picked up the pen.. right?
    (ga nyambung ya??)

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