Monday Post

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Blog needs to be fed

A story is in queue

 I’m super busy at the moment !

Coming up tomorrow, my  review on Lois Frankel’s “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office”. I picked up the book from Gramedia, I thought the title was rather catchy and it coincided with a recent incident. A room mate of mine was ‘forced’ to resign from her work, and last Friday became the last day at work for her. Over dinner, she was pondering to what had happened, and obviously, that sent me thinking. How could this happened? She is conscientious, and veryyy meticulous, she pays attention to details wayyyy than I do.  From the book, I was hoping for some other answer other than , “her boss is a jerk”, but in the end, the only answer I could conclude with, is “her boss is definitely a jerk”. However, the book was quite entertaining to read.

I’m out for now *runs home*.


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