Strawberry Strawberry

There were two things that brought me to Strawberry Café last night, the first was purely work, I wanted to ask if Strawberry would like to be a sponsor for our upcoming workshop, the second was to lodge in Rin’s (Beefy’s sis) ordeal.

Most of my friends had known me for being an advocate of Strawberry café, despite its standard-looking atmosphere and noise, Strawberry café offered affordable meal, yummy drinks and fun games( Food + Fun = Happy me). My colleagues, roommates, and myself, visit Strawberry in almost a regular basis! I found the unfortunate incident annoying.

After a super short mental note, I decided to complain first then talk business.

About the complaint, he apologised and he said that, “itu hanya salah paham, masalahnya, sering ada customers yang maiiiin terus tapi ngga order apa-apa, makanya, kalau kira-kira customer itu sudah main sekitar 5 games, tapi cuma order drinks, kami akan meminta dia untuk order lagi.”.

Unsatisfied with the comment, I pointed out that Beefy and his sister had dinner there and had barely played a game when they were told to order again. To convince him, I printed out a portion of Rin’s blog post that chronologically explained the incident.

 He then said, “Mungkin waktu itu, café lagi rame, jadi waiters/waitresses agak kebingungan juga, tapi kami akan usahakan tidak terjadi lagi.”. I thanked him and explained that I really need to clarify the matter karena me and my friends are regular customers ! So, he better treat us well !

Then we proceed to the workshop discussion, in the end, he said he truly appreciated the complaints huehehe … harusnya ada some kind of compensation , tapi ya udah lah. Yang penting tidak terjadi lagi, kalau masih juga terjadi, ya ga usah ke sana lagi lah. We will make our own Strawberry ! Of course due to limited fund, the games would be more traditional, like “engkle” (hopscotch), “halma”, “ular tangga”, “bola bekel”, “lompat tali”, etc.

Yang aneh, tiba-tiba si owner mengeluarkan dan memberikan kartu kredit, I thought, “Aneh benerrr, kok gw dikasi kartu kredit” , setelah dipegang beberapa saat , “kok agak tipis ya …”. I kept on staring at the credit card for couple of seconds until he said , “Itu kartu nama bukan kartu kredit”. Waktu gw balik kartunya ternyata ada tulisannya gede-gede “STRAWBERRY CAFÉ”.

Maannnnn ….. why would anyone want to have a business card that looks like a credit card ??


10 thoughts on “Strawberry Strawberry

  1. rindays says:

    heiuheieuh..thx for bringing up my complaints to him..=)
    we’re truly disappointed at that time *we almost swore we wont come back!* =P
    but yeah..thx for clearing things tho’ im not quite satisfied with his answers..*ego mode on* hheheh..

    wats the upcoming workshop? can we come and get better service? hehehe..
    i like the idea of doing our own ‘strawberry’ heiueheih..’pineapple’ maybe? =P

  2. dj0k3rz says:

    mungkin hanya org yg aneh yg tdk mengenal business card jaman skrg ud makin canggih…..
    coba diupdate dulu pengetahuan anda ttg business card….hahahahahhahaha

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks for clearing up the mess. Ampir aja gw buka di sebelahnya “Stroberi cafe – The politer one” ato “Better Stroberi Cafe”.

    But, opening one could be a nice idea. Although I wouldnt put Sandy as the manager, coz she would only play, not manage. Sandy is more suitable to be the game explainer, or the back-up/substitute player for those who want to go to toilet. hehehe..

    ps: credit card = plastic, business card = not so plastic.

  4. nebulousarion says:

    @ rin : I was upset too, cos that tainted my reputation as frequent-flyer there ! the owner deserves a knock on his head, don’t mess with me ! raawwwrrr !!! *cakar – cakar* tapi mudah2an he still sponsors the workshop hahah ..more details on the w/shop, ask ur bro.

    @djokerz : business cards that look like credit is just not ‘right’, mustinya dia bikin yang bentuk stroberi , kan lebih representative.

    @rich : kekekeke … i CANNNNN manage and play !

  5. Martje says:

    Where is this illusive strawberry cafe? do they serve only strawberry?
    and Sand.. how come u never took me on a date there?.. i miss u hun.. wink wink hehehe

  6. nebulousarion says:

    It’s not illusive !! Hehehe let’s go there yuuukkkk daripada dinner in TA allll the time !! miss ya too !! ^.^

  7. Mario says:

    Walau sudah lama, tapi ikut nimbrung aja deh krn saya kenal dekat juga ownernya, si boss itu ramah koq mungkin emang lagi padet aja sih, tapi Kalo hanya mau main Boardgame saja dapat berkunjung ke tempat saya di

    Hypermall (eks KTC) Lt 1 Blok B12 / 3
    Jl. Bulevar Barat
    Kelapa Gading
    (Lokasi mall de didepan MAKRO kelapa gading, dan terdapat Electronict solution, Hypermart dan Matahari)

  8. nebulousarion says:

    oh-oh … ada temennya owner .. i agree sih, dia emg aslinya ramah kok ^^ i think all problems settled now . Main boardgame tok ?? kalo haus gimna ?

  9. Mario says:

    Waduh baru lihat ada reply , maaapp. apa sudah mampir akhirnya di SatU?
    Dideket situ ada yg jual minuman sih jarak 20m deh ada jual makanan juga, krn dimal ada food court dan supermarket juga walau tidak wah hehehhee..

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