Vanity Detox

I noticed that my vanity table has nearly the same fate as my office desk. I have been busy the last couple of weeks, so I chose to ignore the poor state of my vanity table. In essence, the role of a vanity is to place the tools for a woman’s grooming rituals, including some accessories, or jewelleries. Unfortunately, once I got busy, this role changed.

The following items were found on my vanity last night:

• Small plastic chest that I use to hold my accessories .

• Make up items, scattered.

• A bottle of spirulina that I never take.

• Cough mixtures

• A bottle of multivitamins

• A bottle of cleanser and toner

• Piggy bank

• FOUR different types of body lotion( The Body Shop, Oriflame, Eucerin, and Palmer’s. Eeep! Don’t even ask how this happened !)

• Two pots of day cream, a pot of moisturizer, a tube of night cream.

• Body mist , deodorant, eau de toilette, yes … what are we without fragrant.

• Business cards, still puzzled me at how they landed here.

• Mobile phone charger.

• Betadine. I’m prone to accidents, that explained how it get there.

Mortified, I decided to act on it. After dinner I started to define what should be on the vanity and what should not be there.

I retained:

• The small plastic chest. I took out all of the silver jewelleries in it and polished them last night.

• Some make up items.

• Cleanser / Toner.

• Piggy bank

• ONE bottle of body lotion only.

• One pot of day cream , moisturizer and night cream.

• Body mist and deodorant.

The rest of the stuffs:

• Spirulina, vitamins, cough mixtures, Betadine are back to my first aid kit drawer.

• Remove make-up items that I don’t use on daily basis, like eye shadow, and multi coloured eye liners. All these went back to make-up drawer.

• Extra pot of day cream went back to the drawer too.

• Eau de Toillete, stashed it away too, since I hardly wear it.

• Business cards, hmm .. depending on the owners’ cuteness ^^, I kept some in my wallet, tossed the rest ^^.

• Mobile phone charger, put this elsewhere.

Vanity detox, mission accomplished! I crawled to my comfy bed and happily slept.


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