Let’s think!

A task to complete this week is the preparation of my “Critical Thinking” workshop material that is scheduled on early May. I have pieces of ideas scattered in fragments, but zilch actual progress. Lecturers of this institution have been inundated with essays, reports, and assignments that were made without properly thought of, poorly written, no segregation between facts and non-facts, and alarmingly high incidents of plagiarism.
I try to believe that this phenomenon is not attributed to laziness alone, but also to poor critical thinking ability. I would also like to believe that critical thinking, can be taught and learnt.
Critical thinking in small tasks such as essay, is as simple as questioning, observing, finding facts and theorems, figuring out if results of previous studies were sound, valid, or if they were possible conjectures, follow that with analysis, analysis and more of analysis, and voila, conclude. Perform this process iteratively until the conclusion is credible.

See, explanations done. Now, I still have to think really hard on how to teach thinking.

Warning: Blogging while invigilating an exam is dangerous !


3 thoughts on “Let’s think!

  1. Richard says:

    As usual Sand.. It’s all wordy and vocab-ish.
    Workshop-wise, I am also doomed. No progress yet. The real problem is that I am the first speaker of the workshop, yes? I may blow away the impression of “good and useful workshop” the moment I open my mouth. Huehuiehieu..
    None to be blame but the one that put me as the first speaker.. ^^

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  3. dj0k3rz says:

    the critically acclaimed blog by arion who has so much time to lingo with words….even while invigilating…..

    remember kamrad……verbal illusionists like us won’t fade away easily in this world full of madness……


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