My Bali Travelogue


I went to Bali with Playboy Bunny (PB), Beefy, Susan, Smile and Ms Ridha last week, wasting away four-days-three-nights of our precious leave. If our recent trip to Bali were some kind of food, then it must have been rujak cingur, a hodgepodge of flavours in a plate. Like rujak cingur, it was a complete meal on its own, a four-days bundle of fun that left the six of us feeling, well, full. Not too much that we forgot how scrumptious the meal was, but just full enough to return for another treat in the future.

Growing up with rujak cingur, I was amazed at how sometimes the mixtures of flavours become indistinguishable, but as you savour each bite, bursts of strong flavour appear. Sour, salty, sweet, tangy, each taking its turn in your mouth. The Bali trip was kind of like that, the overall feel was fun and warm, but there were moments in which a certain distinct feeling stood up. Recalling, I experienced: frights, all sorts of funny moments, embarrassingly funny incidents, slight pain, mind boggling events, and warm lazy summer feel. Of all the flavours, these were most notable:

  • Frightening, traumatising ever!

Thanks to my very nice friends, I played banana boat and flying fish! I thought banana boat was scary, but actually, agreeing to play flying fish was one of the dumbest decision I made this month! Basically, I had agreed to become a stupid human kite, which subjected me to possible injury and life-long trauma! I admit that the adrenaline rush made it exciting, and thankfully, nothing bad happened, and yesss, I’m still alive.

  • Mystifying

Kecak dance was a hypnotising experience. The Ramayana epoch came alive and I felt like I was sucked into a mystical world in a dominant colour of amber. Bali has a calm, soothing, yet mysterious air, something that I could not see on daily basis in the hustling city of Jakarta.

  • Spillage!

One thing we’ve learnt from this trip was, “Always bring some tissues, wet and perfumed tissues too.” Smile spilled a glass of latte on poor Ridha. I errr …puked in the car and spilled a mess of Macchiato + Spaghetti+ gastric acids. Beefy didn’t spill anything, but he landed a foot on a nice valley of dog poo.

  • Luck Stricken!


Woohoo !! Thanks to Playboy Bunny and Rama of Nidji, we got to watch Nidji, live in Hardrock Café ! No queueing needed ! I can’t believe my luck.

  • Silver Line

Being a silver connoisseur wannabe, I was delighted on the visit to the famous silversmiths district of Celuk. I bought a pair of new silver earrings to add to my jewellery collection.

  • Culinary Delights

I knew Bali has awesome art, culture, traditions, and sceneries, but I never knew it also has an array of yummy food selections. Seafood in Jimbaran was extremely delicious, Warung Italia was another interesting gastronomic delight, and I love Mak Beng’s fish soup! It was definitely one of the best lunches I ever had. I’m in love with the fresh fish and tangy soup combo.

  • Slight annoyances

We were trying to enjoy a lazy day in Kuta beach, when a swamp of women came to offer us massages, manicures, and selling stuffs we do not really need. I guess it’s okay though, the massage service wasn’t bad at all for Rp. 20,000.

  • Funny, furry companions!

I love them monkeys of Bedugul. They are cute!


  • Funny, dorky, less furry companions!

I’m talking about my buddies ^^ , thanks for being ultra funny and making this holiday a blast.


  • Life saving!


Our life saviour came in the form of a nice, thoughtful Balinese man with lots of patience to our noise and mess. Our tour guide, Bli Komang Arya! Thanks for the holiday!

Time to get back to reality, dreamy holiday is over, although the comforting feel will still last for a while. To end with, this whole rujak cingur metaphor is making me hungry, I’ll be hunting for food soon.



rujak cingur : salad in dark fish paste dressing, concoction of ox nose, pineapples, slices of mangoes, fried tofu, tempe, lontong (compacted rice), beansprouts, cucumbers.

Read Beefy’s post holiday story here >>


13 thoughts on “My Bali Travelogue

  1. dj0k3rz says:

    jieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh…. “Read Beefy’s post holiday story here>>” ….ehm ehm ehm….now why would we want an extra special link there?….hhhmmmmmmmm….. *wink wink*

  2. Richard says:

    Interesting.. and complete stories.. But go to my blog for a more dramatical hyperbolic stories… hehehe.

  3. MBAK megawati says:

    cie yang dibilang sama mas Bli Komang MBAK..
    mulai skarang manggil-nya MBAK ah,,,
    wah MBAK sandy kayanya trip ke balinya seru abis…
    mana oleh2???

  4. aRfian says:

    post udah lama banget, pengen komen karena diatas ada komen Bli Komang, kakak kelas saya di SMA tuh miss, dia angkatan 1, saya angkatan 12
    tapi kenal di forum alumni SMA

    kayaknya seru juga liburannya… bali is a paradise!

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