What a difference a day makes ?

Weird and rather unlucky day ! My external hard disk is not working! I found myself pounding fist to the sky and made a roaring sound of , “Whyyyyyy !!??? “. The sound echoed back and I didn’t quite like what I hear.  The external hard disk holds pretty much all my life in it, the worst part of all, the workshop stuffs I’ve been working on andddd… half-done Math final exam draft. Dammit ! It’s okay, calm down …calm down… I can always rewrite everything, or can I ? That wasn’t the only thing that happened.  I was chatting with the girls on the porch of my “kost-an” when suddenly we saw a man on a motorcycle stopped across the road. He was wearing a black jacket and a full covered helmet, my friend noticed that he was looking at our direction. We looked at him suspiciously and he suddenly unzipped his fly and revealed his … okay .. you get the picture, I’m not in the mood of explaining this perverted moron’s action. One of my friend screamed and the sick psycho calmly left. GGgrrrr !! It was so disgusting that I wondered about the sanity of all men that I spotted wearing black leather jacket and similar helmet today ! Neways… I’m off to Kuching first thing in the morning, 6 am flight *sobs*. I hope it’s a better day tomorrow.  


9 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes ?

  1. Ravi says:

    Hmmm, you should keep some backup on some e-space online. You could buy some memory on Yahoo or something. Anyway, regarding that guy on motorcycle, you shouldnt be too offended. You are going to see it someday anyway and think of it in this way, you are luckier than so many other women. I was watching this video where some guys pick on Jap women on the street, pulling their tops or skirts or just squirting you-know-what on them. Now if you do want to deter them, just keep some water balloons of dung/water and throw at them. Meet ya soon.

  2. dj0k3rz says:

    #Martje: oh pleeaase…..’revealed what?’, ‘kindly elaborate’??? Miss i-have-seen-it-all……hahahahahaha

    Arion, not only water balloons, you can also collect some dumpster from the result of your poop session….and you can put it inside a plastic bag, and then, throw it to those kinds of people. In any case, please be prepared for any type of lawsuit.

    Cheers… =p

  3. Richard says:

    Err.. unless that person is a she, then.. inside the pants is a beautifully crafted dangling object accompanied by its faithful followers. If you know what I mean.

  4. nebulousarion says:

    Hahaha I shoulda know Martje likes this sort of topics …
    I just realised something, … our friend Ah Pek wears similar black jacket and helmet !

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