The class chronicle – Chaos in Kuching part 1


Eh ..somehow it looks awful dark in CRT monitor ! gggrrr … it looks nice on my Macbook (bragging ^^).

page_2.jpgpage_3.jpgpage_4.jpg page_5.jpgpage_6.jpg


17 thoughts on “The class chronicle – Chaos in Kuching part 1

  1. Richard says:

    No wonder we have failing students.. Look who’s the lecturer.. Hihihi..
    Well.. you need to relax sometimes, dont we all?

  2. dj0k3rz says:

    No wonder we have students who are very noisy in class…..look at the lecturer!! She’s made a comic during the block lecture…..l0l

  3. nebulousarion says:

    hahaha thanks to “comic life” , making comics is easy ! ^^ I could’ve made the story better … but well , considering this is my first attempt, I’m quite proud .

  4. Martje says:

    jadi pengen bikin juga.. ajarin donks
    i’ll sign up for comic 101 deh…
    venue: strawberry cafe

  5. mhpm says:

    Cute! I love it! Tell all! Leave nothing out!

    Hahaha… thanks to you, now I know what REALLY goes on in those lecture rooms 🙂

  6. thania says:

    part 2-nya mana miss ?
    coffee bean session donkkkk… hehehe…
    komiknya lebih banyak mukanya si miss ya daripada muridnya…
    hmmm… keliatan narsisnya… hohoho…

  7. Princess says:

    Ms… comic nya mana lagi??? kok cuma segini??? kapan dunk kita bikin lagi???
    hehehe… ternyata seru juga ya kalo lagi bikin komik… apalagi kalo ada lecturer tambahan…. alias ms penney ikutan lebih banyak…. hahahaha……..

  8. egi says:

    thania, sejak kapan lo pake kacamata? dan itu knp pipinya kembung2 melulu? mual yah ngadepin exam? hahxiixixiehheiixixixixi…

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