Post Workshop,Waisak Day,Exam Draft : A random note

Finally, the workshop was over on the 31st of May. We can breathe a slight air of freedom! Technically, the workshop went smooth and as planned, although many areas could have been done better. I’m very VERY very thankful for having a team of genius, who had been generously helpful, and each of them had done a wonderful job. PB, NH, Beefy, and ZR, had proven that they are not ‘just’ our college’s “oknum kriminal” huehehehe … they had redefined the term “criminals”!

Another thing that had made me feel really proud was our two protégés, Douglas and Harris! They were well prepared, and delivered their sessions lively. They captivated the audience that consisted of mostly their fellow students. I had been here for almost two-years, and hardly seen any students being involved as speakers in workshops or seminars, other than their final-year projects seminars, of course. I hope we can see more of their involvement in the future, the more enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry students we have, the better this college will be.

The day after, Friday was Waisak holiday. I decided to take a break completely from all work. I went to the vihara(temple) in the morning for pindapatta (donation for monks/nuns) session and Waisak Puja. I had arrived by 9 am, only to realise that the queue for pindapatta was extremely long!! Last year, I didn’t celebrate Waisak in Jakarta because I was in Kuching, so I didn’t have a clue that it would be this crowded. In my temple, Ekayana Grha, they estimated, about 7000 people flooded the venue for Waisak yesterday. Finally I had my chance to drop my donation and went to look for space to sit for the rest of the Puja bakti. The Wakil Gubernur came and didn’t missed the chance to ask all Buddhists to vote for him in the next Jakarta’s Governor election.

I ended my day with contemplation, a wish of happiness for everyone, and made some simple resolutions, that I will definitely try to keep ^^.

Today though, I’m back in business, exam drafts need to be done!

ps: Chaos in Kuching – part Two is coming soon.


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