Arion’s Mini Project !

Folks , rather slow update from me, I blame this on the amount of work I have to do (read: Final Examination Drafts , marking piles of quizzes and other stuffs) .  ^^

About two days ago, I bought a fresh , glossy copy of Femina magazine. Admittedly, when it comes to Indonesian magazines, I still think Femina is the best, both in price and contents. 

As I flipped through the pages, something caught my eyes, an announcement on the upcoming short-stories writing competition. There are two categories, cerita bersambung– with double spacing, that’s a short story of about 40-50 pages long, and cerita pendek-about 10 to 20 pages long. Stories have to be submitted by the end of September 2007, which means about 3 months from now :(. Now, if any of you are interested, for cerita bersambung, the first prize is Rp 10 million! ^^ Obviously, I’m interested !

However, I have lots of work to do, an outing project for the children in my temple, and various other stuffs that are bugging my head at the moment.  Then there is another problem, which is a little embarassing to mention 😦 , I find it difficult to write in ‘proper’, grammatically correct Indonesian.  Of course, the first rule of the competion is, “All work must be written using proper Indonesian, with ‘ejaan yang disempurnakan’ ” Yikesss !! When I casually mentioned my intention to Beefy, his  comment was simple, “In Indonesian? You’re going to lose.” He’s right, but I have stacks of stories to tell.  My solution is that I will probably use Ernest Hemingway’s style of simple, short sentences, albeit in Indonesian. No frills, no funky-vocabish, obscure, verbose words. I probably don’t know that many Indonesian words anyway 😦 . 

Here is my plan, if I can make it to 40-50 pages , then I’ll submit it as cerber, else I’ll juat submit it as cerpen 😀 . If I lose, then hey, I still can post the story here, and hopefully gain a reader or two ^^. So,  I need  all the ideas I can get, help, support, a nice proof reader, and food supply !! Anyone care to volunteer ? ^^ Thankksss.


6 thoughts on “Arion’s Mini Project !

  1. mhpm says:

    Yay! Go for it!
    Support? Yes! I’m signing up.
    A nice proof reader? Well, for one you’re gonna need a GOOD proofreader not a nice one and two, my Indonesian is no better than yours… but I’m willing to read 😉
    Food supply? Hmmmmmmm…. I have a Beng-beng in my desk. It’s yours! 😉

  2. nebulousarion says:

    Huehehe … I just rechecked, the due date for cerber is November 14th 2007 ^^ so I have more time …Thanks , boss ! ^^

  3. nebulousarion says:

    haha 😦 of course you can’t wait to criticise it … Masa pake translator ? 😦 coba tulis dengan Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar sendiri dulu ah …. 😉

  4. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    Ill be a proof reader deh… although my indonesian would most probably be worst than yours ^^. (critics section) ^^ Ask and Bahasa indonesia teacher to proofread it and wait for her/him to laugh… hehehehe.

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