Shopping @ Rumahpernik

These days shopping is such a hassle ! I just could not squeeze enough time to leisurely shop anymore . When I do need to hit a department store, that would be because I desperately need something 😦 a.s.a.p. !

I have no time to shop as I appear to be sitting on my desk facing the computer ALL the time. Ironically, it does not mean I work effectively 😦 .  I’m still guilty of indulging in several minutes of daily procrastination therapy.

Several days ago, I procrastinated by checking on Ms M’s blog, found out that she wrote a post about rumahpernik ( Rumahpernik sells handmade accessories at quite an affordable price. I was intrigued ! I ran to Ms M’s office and together we placed our orders.

I bought 2 pairs of earrings, one of the pair costs me Rp. 5000 ( Yes you hear me right !! ), and the other pair costs Rp. 6000 , I didn’t forget to buy 2 cute bear-shaped transparent soaps, priced at Rp 3000 each !!

The order arrived today and I was thrilled !! I bet Ms M was as thrilled as well. I wore the clear white Azura earrings (the Rp. 5000 one ^^) around,  the instant I took them out of the plastic wrapping. I thought they look nice yet simple enough to be worn in the office. The other pair was Earthienne earrings, they’re much bolder and funkier, so I’ll save that for weekends and after hours.

To prove that I was not merely typing away some testimonials , I made some pictures of me modelling the earrings ^^ kekekekekek … I sooo can tell what’s on your mind now , “Dasar Sandy narsis !!! “. Hey, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want here !


 ps: I’m not affiliated in any way with rumahpernik and I’m not paying them a lip service.


7 thoughts on “Shopping @ Rumahpernik

  1. nebulousarion says:

    ^_^ waaa rumahpernik owner ! thanks for dropping by ! errr … using my pic on your blog eh ? sure!! kekekeke ^^

  2. mhpm says:

    Yup, I love them, wearing mine today! I’m not so confident about my own pics so no, don’t have any pics of me showing off my earrings 😉

  3. Richard says:

    Now.. are you sure using a narcissist’s photo in the blog? The owner doesnt know sandy yet.. that’s for sure.. Btw, you were sitting beside me, how come i didnt know you take photo? …

  4. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    Lol, juz realized Mr Richard’s nick is Beef~y
    So… was the picture taken during office hours ? ^^ :p?
    Jadi model nich miss~

  5. nebulousarion says:

    sshhh … he hates that name , so don’t even try calling him that 😀 !
    Kekeke it was slightly out of office hour , 17.05 p.m to be precise, and errr … I won’t succeed as professional model 😦 so I’ll just model to curb my narcissistic nature mwahahaha

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