Spying Rumahpernik

Goodies in RumahPernik are just too irresistible. These are some of the necklaces I’m attracted to , but I just want to buy ONE(1) necklace. Which one should I get ?


Jadeylace necklace : Rp. 50,000.00


Leafetta Rp. 35,000.00

I’m also tempted by these bracelet and earrings collection  😀

greenshayn.jpg Greenshayn earrings, latest collection from rumahpernik ! Rp. 6,500.00

Jadeylace bracelet , Rp. 17,500.00    jadeylace.jpg

doublejade.jpg Double jade earrings, Rp. 12,500.00

Hmmm …. tough choice ….


6 thoughts on “Spying Rumahpernik

  1. Martje says:

    yg anting Greenshayn sama kalung Leafetta kayaknya mayan tuh… plus its cheaper kekeke “kiasu mode on”
    Jade lg in yah?

  2. nebulousarion says:

    heuehhee … they do look nice ! Ga tau deh jade lagi in apa ngga, but i’m into greeennsss at the moment ^^

  3. donna says:

    kalau dipakai sehari-hari, memang lebih baik leafetta aja. desainnya sederhana dan cocok dipakai ke acara sehar-hari atau semiformal. tapi kalau mau tampak cantik ke pesta, mending yang pake jade. 🙂 (ikutan bingung ngasi saran)

  4. dj0k3rz says:

    yang itu aj …… BYARPETTA alias mati-idup…alias bohlam lampu PLN djadiin kalung……


  5. nebulousarion says:

    lots of vote for Leafetta , so yeeppp , I’ll be ordering : Leafetta, Greenshayn, double jade earrings ^^ That’s Rp 54,000.00 altogether .. will place my order with Ms M. Thank uuu

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