Get out of troubles, fast!

It is in my nature to get into troubles.

Never intentional, but I always end up in some sort of troubles. Call me lucky, because just like cats with their nine lives, I always manage to get out of troubles smoothly.

Okay, I lied, there were times of REAALLL troubles that solving them require the assistance from various authoritative figures.

Let’s look at some troubles that I was trapped in and how I ran out of them:

1. Lavatory doom

Living a funky dorm life means sharing bathrooms and toilets with thirty other girls that inhabited that floor. A chapter in my university life revealed, “Once upon a stormy tummy day, I rushed into the toilet to do the errr … bowel evacuation. Several seconds later, I realised something *gasp *, an absence of toilet paper !!!!”

What a smart girl to do? ^^

I put on my radar ears and listened to every footstep.
I opened the door slightly and my eyes did a quick scan, up then down, left and right.
Assured that there were definitely no other people within 5-meter radius, I tiptoed to the next cubicle.

Woohoo ! This cubicle had a new roll of toilet paper !

Mission accomplished.

2. The Inverter

I stayed up late one night (not because of partying!) and woke up drowsy the morning after. Alas, I had to meet a friend that day, so in a rush, I quickly performed all of my morning rituals in 10 minutes and off I went!

Once I got to the rendezvous, I greeted my friend with a brighter-than-neon -light smile, trying to hide the lack of sleep.

She pointed at my shirt and asked, “Are you wearing your shirt inside-out? Kok kayak kebalik?”.
I spotted a mirror nearby and quickly glanced at it to check.

Kekekeke luckily I got a brilliant tactic *light bulb*,

“ It’s intentional ! Emang modelnya gini! I thought it looks funkier this way!”.

Hueheheh … luckily she believed it ^^. In fact, many people did fall into believing that the shirt was meant to look ‘that’ way!

Moral of the story: If this ever happen to you, sok pe-de aja.

3. Quickie Quizzy

One thing led to another and I ended up with a teaching job. Workload and stress sometimes made me forgot to flip through my daily planner.

One sunny afternoon, I stepped into a classroom full of pale, panicked students,

Student: “Miss, we’re not ready for the quiz !”

Me : (puzzled)

(thinking, “Noooss !! I promised a quiz and forgotten about it !)

(trying to calm down)

( ting ! another light bulb moment )

“ Not ready eh ? How could you ? I’ve announced this since last week ! ^^”

Student: “We got lots of assignments and other quizzes this week”

Me : (hey, same here…)
“ Okay, I’ll give 15 minutes to prepare for the quiz”
(leave room)

I quickly ran upstairs, did a super quick search of the last term’s quiz questions, change the date and print them for the whole class ! Forget about photocopying, the photocopier is too far!

After 15 minutes , I was back at the classroom.

Me : “Alrighty, let’s start the quiz ^^”

Mind you, this only ever happened ONCE! (or maybe twice …)

4. Caught blog-handed

When I began “Butterfly Effects”, I wanted to be anonymous, a mysterious secret blogger by the name
of Arion. Months after “Butterfly Effects” first debuted, trails of students were found from time to time.
This blog was designed to be a venue for my rapacious daily rants, hence initially, I was a bit worried

Student : “Miss Ariooonnn !!!”

Me : “ Huh ? Orion ?”


Student: “Hehehe , that’s Miss Nebula”

Me : ( It’s nebulous not nebula, mate !) “Err ? What’s a nebula ?”

These days though, I don’t see this as a trouble, in fact hmm … I might use this blog for teaching aid ^^!

Okay students, don’t close your browser just yetttt ….


8 thoughts on “Get out of troubles, fast!

  1. mhpm says:

    Once or twice eh?? You do know that your blog is public and students actually read this… so you’re tricks out of the box Miss! 😀 Hope you have other new tricks for next time!

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @ Ms M : ^^ Of course, the reason why I revealed that trick is because I have planned to not use it again .
    @ 3 Evil Stooges : phewww … else I’ll be in trouble all the timmmeeee
    @ Beefy : err … kinky ?

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