Rave alert: RESTO – Manadonese Food and Such

Note: Some food are non-halal 

I sampled the meals here last Sunday and this little eatery is simply superb!  Alright, I know what went on your mind, “Hey, she’s not a Manadonese! How would she know?”.

Now, for your information, I brought my Manadonese kost-mate and superbuddy, Icha, to assist me in the process of grading.  After careful consideration and having went through a series of evaluation, both of us concurred that this place does deserve two thumbs up (four since there were the two of us) when it comes to taste and price! 

In the venue, we sampled: Kembang pepaya (Papaya flower), Babi rica bungkus daun pepaya (pork, rica-spiced in papaya leaves), two plates of steaming white rice and klappertaart for dessert. We took-away and ate these for dinner: more kembang pepaya, sate babi (pork satay), and babi kecap (pork with soy sauce). Yes, it was a rather porky day. 

Kembang pepaya is oh-so-yummy dish made from papaya flower, it was spicy with slight bitterness. Babi rica bungkus daun pepaya was sumptuous as well, the pork meat was really tender, spicy and has a slight bitterness from the papaya leaves as well. These dishes went really well with hot steaming rice. Yum .. yumm .. 

The klappertaart! I could not find the right words that will justify this! Klappertaart is basically vanilla custard with young coconut in it. Resto’s version was extremely delectable, sweet and mouth-watering. The young coconut flesh was simply tender. The custard was thick and I detected a hint of rum in it. Now, here comes the great part: the serving size is quite big, and for Rp. 5,000 only, this one is definitely a good deal you will not want to miss ^^ !  

Both me and Icha found another favourite, the sate babi! Great ! Great ! Great !

Babi kecap was scrumptious, kind of similar with Chinese style of sweet soy-sauce pork dish. The dishes are all priced from Rp 8,000 to Rp 20,000. Such an oh-so-affordable price! 

Drawback? Errr… it’s a little difficult to find this place, and you will not be able to fit 50 people in the restaurant. Anyway, should you got lost, ask people in Green Garden area where Kalam Kudus II school is, the restaurant is right in front of this school.


Where is it?


Green Garden Blk B1, 57-58.

Opens from Tuesday to Sunday (note: it closes every Monday)

from 10.30 am to 20.00 pm.

Phone: (021) 582 7318 


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