Procrastination and celebration!


Great news for all procrastinators out there! Finally! I found what could be the solution for your destructive procrastination tendency! 🙂

How many times have you heard people telling you, “Oh, you should manage your time better, make plans, stick to the plans, yadda …yadda… yadda” ? Don’t you just hate the fact that no matter what you do, you still procrastinate?

How many workshops/seminars/counselling sessions do we need in order to be a productive non-procrastinator?  Now, before I continue, let me remind you, non-procrastinators out there-who think that you are so very effective and efficient, that your “I know it all” attitude is not welcomed. Sorry, I do have the tendency to be a little mean at times. Of course, I was just kidding.  

This is what I think about the future of procrastinators. Their lives do not have to end in a tragedy just because they procrastinate!

As a matter of fact, there are procrastinators that succeed in their life, depending on how you measure success of course. I can see two extremes, procrastinators – depending on the level of their guilt conscience, sense of responsibility, and ambition, will end either as a successful individual, or a useless bum.  

Professor John Perry, a teaching-award winning, Philosophy super lecturer of Stanford University is a living proof!

In his article on Structured Procrastination, he urged procrastinators to not try to defy the nature and that dreaming for a drastic change of your procrastinating lifestyle is simply put, unnecessary. In fact, he believed we should make peace with this disease of ours. Fighting it is difficult, too difficult.
What you should do is restructuring our tasks. Say what?

The list of tasks one has in mind will be ordered by importance. Tasks that seem most urgent and important are on top. But there are also worthwhile tasks to perform lower down on the list. Doing these tasks becomes a way of not doing the things higher up on the list. With this sort of appropriate task structure, the procrastinator becomes a useful citizen”. 

Basically, put a trivial project as if it was major, and put a major project as if it was trivial. Go by the order of urgency as well. 

“The trick is to pick the right sorts of projects for the top of the list. The ideal sorts of things have two characteristics, First, they seem to have clear deadlines (but really don’t). Second, they seem awfully important (but really aren’t).” 

Professor Perry mentioned lists of important successful projects that were actually, his procrastination materials! Hey, Beefy and Playboy Bunny should remember this 🙂 , we’ve made funky projects in the past, while procrastinating on our ‘real’ job. See, you can make your option, procrastinate by doing useless stuffs like picking up various coloured pebbles on the street, or procrastinate by doing things that are worth doing!

 One thing that Professor Perry warned us against, is the tendency to feel overwork and drop tasks! Having less work on hand is harmful for procrastinators! Having less work means we will fall downhill and be reduced to the ‘lazy bum’ state, the worst state of procrastinator, a community trash( read: sampah masyarakat).  

We need constant stimulation of work-procrastinating combo in order to sustain and breathe an air of meaningful life.

As Professor Perry put it, “If all the procrastinator had left to do was to sharpen some pencils, no force on earth could get him do it.” 

There ya go, non-procrastinators! We, the über procrastinators, that you viewed as a lowly hopeless bunch, will conquer the world!

Just wait and see! 😉

Beefy a.k.a. my crazy desk partner, Richard posted his two-cents on this as well ^^.


5 thoughts on “Procrastination and celebration!

  1. Richard says:

    Wahhh… This professor is Arion’s new idol. ^^!
    Hopefully, we can bring him to do a seminar in our workplace.
    *Selamat berjuang inviting him..

  2. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    lol Hilang deh jadwal 4 bulan yang arion sudah buat ^^

    Ir useless procrasstinator ^^ procrastinates by playing games :p so no matter what importance i put stuff in, itll still be playing games ^^ 🙂 kekekeke

    And, are u sure miss arion… thatll youll be able to put important stuff as unimportant and non important stuff as important? …. hehe

  3. nebulousarion says:

    @ 3 Evil Stooges : Jadwal 4 bulan tetap ada ! Hehehe … and I’m quite sure that I can do this, just wait and see, currently on my least priority : Test 2 paper huhuhuhu … highest priority … find a nice dress and killer shoes for the ‘dinner’ !

  4. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    and youll go for the “killer shoes” for the ‘dinner’ ^^ hehe it doesnt work, you do stuff thats easier to be accomplished, im a proffesional procrastinator ^^ i should know. :p unless you have strong willpower anyways .

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