Arion and the Order of Phoenix

I went to watch Harry Potter last night. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter movies, they sort of sleep inducing, albeit the cool story and visual effects. My friend booked tickets for the ten of us, perceivably to celebrate the successful completion of an event we held last week. I thought it didn’t hurt to join them.

My friends do know me well. They believed that I definitely would be the first person to snooze in the theatre. After enjoying their mockeries and I had my share of emotional hurt, we walked into the theatre.

The movie soon started. Hmm … comfy chair, I thought. I started to yawn. One yawn … two yawns… but I told myself that I must never doze off. Pulled my head up, and I stretched my eyes as wide as possible. With this look, I definitely resembled one of the Harry Potter casts, the owls. 😦

With lots of willpower to concentrate on the movie, I managed to stay up throughout the movie! Applause please ! Half-way through the movie, I glanced at my friends and found that two of them had dozed off. Muahaha !

Now, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix was not really bad, in fact, I enjoyed it ^^. Most notable performance came from the role of Professor Dolores Umbridge. My… she is such an evil yet well mannered, pastel-coloured, friendly, full of smiles, cat loving, little wicked lady. I laughed for a moment in the scenes where new decrees were constantly added in the school, a phenomenon that I definitely could relate to (read Beefy’s old post on this). I believed this practise had been eradicated here.

Harry Potter inspired me though:

(pointing my fork to the piles of work on my desk)

My rating: 6.2 out of 10.


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