Arion is annoyed! Her co-worker believed that he had seen and chatted with her doppelganger. Her what? In plain English: it is her ‘double’.

The incident took place in Arion’s office sometime in a breezy evening last week. That evening, her co-worker, Mr Monty had to stay back to finish some work. He saw Arion working on her desk and began to chat with her from his desk. There was no one else in the office but the both of them.

His desk and hers are only about 3 metres apart, however, monitors and various items between them made it a little difficult to really see each other clearly. There was nothing awkward with the conversation between them.

Time fast-forwarded to around half past eight. Mr Monty had enough of work and decided to end the day. He walked over to Arion’s desk and found that she was not there. She had gone home. In fact, on that day, Arion left the office on 6.00 pm.

Now, what does this mean? Was that a ghost who was masquerading as Arion? Why would this being wanted to do that?

Arion has a different conclusion though.
The ‘double’ is actually nothing but an accumulation of energy emitted by Arion herself. A fact about her, she spent much of her time in her office and her desk. The more time and energy spent in a certain area, the more particles’ of energy that one spills.

These particles soon accumulated and once there is enough energy gathered, they formed a new entity, with similar characteristics of their origin entity. If its origin entity is not around, then the duplicate will automatically fill the void in the space by acting as it.

It would be good if the doppelganger’s behaviour can be more predictable and directed. Maybe she would help Arion in finishing her work ^^.


6 thoughts on “doppelgänger

  1. Martje says:

    Hyiiii syerem,… don’t try to explain it with ur ‘energy gathering’ mumbo jumbo.. a ghost is a ghost… hiiiiiii
    Did mr. monty received feedback when he talked to this dopeymuggler ?!? wht did it say..?

    Btw when I took u to strawberry cafe.. was that really u or your dopey doble,..?! cuz it act a little bit weird n nerdy… ^^ hehehehe

  2. Richard says:

    Nerdy or geeky? well.. you know how arion is, rite?

    Nevertheless, is there a possibility that arion has lost her short term memory? Maybe due to, too much work & procrastination cycle.

  3. nebulousarion says:

    #Martje: yes, he received feedback from her. It was really me in Strawberry and I wasn’t weird, I just wanted to play jenga 😦 but somehow nobody wanted to play that.

    #Rich: Hmm I don’t think I have a short term memory loss, or maybe I just don’t remember having a memory loss at all 😮

  4. Mike says:

    Wew… That’s not scary enough hahaha… And won’t bare me from staying overnight at INTI… though don’t actually know when I’ll stay overnight at INTI again.. hwhwhhwhw….

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