Arion’s jots : Sex and the College

There are certain things that brought me closer to most of my students. First, the coincidental fact, that I will see them in at least five different subjects that they would have to undergo before they are rendered eligible for the ‘real world’. Second, for the final year students, they would have to live with me for at least two weeks during their block mode lectures in Kuching, East Malaysia. Third, maybe my age has a lot to do with this.

So you get the picture, these undergraduates often appeared as if they are my friends rather than students. Although difficult, I always try to maintain a degree of professionalism by not entertaining much of highly personal chitchats. However, I do give exceptions on students that are genuinely distressed and need someone to talk to.

Of course, since I am not exactly a qualified psychiatrist/therapist/such, my opinions would be based solely on my guiding principles and experiences. These counselling a.k.a. ‘curhat’ sessions range from relationships, annoying group members, parents divorcing, to misbehaving pets.

However, a strange case appeared recently from a former student, male student. He claimed to be highly distraught over certain matters. Our conversation went something like this:

Boy : ‘I’ve been sleeping with several girls.’
Arion: (shocked and wondered, ‘why is he telling me this ?’)

Mind you, I found serious discussion on sex, especially with a student(although ‘ex’ student) weird. I would not know what to say, or recommend, or advise.

Arion: ‘Uhmm … and then?’
Boy : ‘This is the problem, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of them now!’

Arion: ‘You’re a jerk!‘ 😦
Boy: ‘I know, Miss.’ 😦
‘But , what should I do now???’

Arion: ‘Don’t reply their text messages, don’t pick up your phone.’
Boy: ‘Tried all that. None works. They know where I live so they’d come over if they can’t reach me!’

Arion: ‘Alright. Set a date with each one of them. Talk to them seriously and tell them that you’re glad that they’ve done you a
favour, but very sorry, you don’t wish to have a long term relationship with them. Make sure when you do this, you
look all business, make the statement short and sharp.’

Boy: ‘But .. they’d be very angry’
Arion: ‘They should be! Prepare to be splashed with some icky liquid, punched, spat on or slapped in public. You are very
lucky if she only uttered some bad words.’

Boy: ‘Miss, you’re mean -_-‘
Arion: ‘uhmm … I’m not. I’m just offering my solution.’ ^^

Soon after, he had to leave the campus, so our conversation ended right there. I have no idea if my so-called solution is wise enough. Obviously, it is a little too late to say , “abstinence is the best” or to shower him with a lesson on morality.

To end with, the moral of the story is: I love my job. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Arion’s jots : Sex and the College

  1. Richard says:

    We all know you love your job. The question is do you like the employers? hihi…

    Fyi, nowadays the loyalty of the workers are not to a certain company like the old days. Experts said that employees are loyal only to the career.. So then we might see lots of people hopping from one company to another, with the same type of job/career, trying to raise himself/herself up to better position and higher salary.

    Btw, why am I saying this stuff?
    *back to work..

  2. Richard says:

    Nyambungg kokk… well.. not nyambung to your lil chat of sex-ducation with your student, but more towards the last sentence where you said you love your job.

    Anyway… I wonder why only your male students do the curhat-ing? hm…

  3. nebulousarion says:

    That’s not true ! Female students do curhat-ing as well, nothing on their sex life of course. I think it’d be easier if it was a girl who curhat about this 😦 less awkward.

  4. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    Lol ^^ this might show chard’s frustation over the amt of female students tt curhat with him ^^
    nice curhat tho ^^ the guy is utit man. I guess he might have asked you since he thinks that as a girl you would know what he shoulddo.

  5. nebulousarion says:

    @smile : hahaha i think NOT 😕
    @ 3 evil stooges: Richard doesn’t get his “suavest lecturer” title for nothing ^.^

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