Stolen Moments

I always feel very honoured when I’m given the task to host an event. Although I always thought MC-ing (or emcee-ing) is hard, my colleagues tend to trust me to be the possible destructor of their events. 

This time, I was soooo fortunate that I don’t get to MC alone, Beefy got to share the guillotine with me, yipee ! ^^ I think Beefy is a stage-slave by birth that the career of standing comedian would be more suitable for him than teaching.  Hence, I could never ask for a better emcee-ing partner.

The whole event went really well. Menara Peninsula hotel’s ballroom was painted black and red by enthusiastic VIPs , alumni, students, parents, and of course, most of our college’s staffs.  I love all the performances ! I think everyone did a remarkable job!  

 Kudos to the committee members and all students involved!


Very final rehearsal before the show began:


Arion : Beefy ! We have to at least memorise 80% of the rundown !!

Beefy : Huh ? I’m hungry …


Arion : My microphone’s set ! I’m ready to go !

And the show went on :


Beefy used lots of his evil grin on the stage …


The tari saman dancers from SMUN 86 were sooo inspiring ! I’m practising my tari saman moves now ! Let me start with the awesome high-pitched screaming ! Eeeeeeeppppp !!!


Melissa and partner turned up the heat of the evening with their rhumba dance.


INTI Undercover team presents : Never ever cheat in this college !


Some of my colleagues , the lady in the middle with a happy grin is my boss, Ms M.


The audiences …


The anxious casts of “Inti Undercover” waiting for their turn.  Two of the THREE EVIL STOOGES are in this picture. Err .. 1.75 to be exact ^^.


Mpok and Dewi ! My sweeter than artificial sweetener colleagues !


Okta and Henny !





11 thoughts on “Stolen Moments

  1. nanang says:

    uhhhhh you did a good job Sandy!! Many thanks to you.. even if those-forgotten-lines were fully covered somehow with your beefy partner hahahaha..Well done!! Yahhh next round will you still be on-stage sandy.. huks huks..

  2. Richard says:


    MC-ing is not my natural talent, you know. I was somehow put on that spot. My natural talent is ‘self defence’ and ‘impromptu slapstick reply’ in order to fight back on difficult situation.

    All in all, it was really, willy fun. (read: & stressully tiring)
    Good luck in your future mc-ing career in the ci-rock (read: karang) neverland.. if you all know what I mean.. ^^

    PS: We all need to encrypt a lil bit, since hiring new employees somehow is more difficult. I suspect that they read this blog before coming to interview.

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