Arion’s raving : Biore Pore Pack Black


What is that? 

Nose strips. For those who never heard of nose strips before: nose strips are like band-aid, you put them on your wet nose, then 15 minutes later, strip it off your nose to remove annoying blackheads. ^__^  

What’s great about it? 

Actually there isn’t much difference between the black and white strips. Both are equally effective in banishing blackheads. However, because it is black, you can see what you’ve pulled out better. It’s great how you can practically count the number of blackheads you’ve successfully pulled ! Amazing stuff! ^^

Arion rates this 4 out of 5.


7 thoughts on “Arion’s raving : Biore Pore Pack Black

  1. nebulousarion says:

    been using this for a while sih …cuma karena malam sebelumnya i happened to be using it so i thought i’ll put it in the blog huehehe

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