Confucius said …

In the temple, I picked up a tiny booklet in the library called “Standards for Being Good Student and Child”, apparently, this little gem is an excerpt from Analects of Confucius, Book 1, Chapter 6. 

I carefully flipped through the pages when I saw these lines:

When you begin to read a book,

do not think about another.

If you have not completed the book,

do not start another.

Give yourself lots of time to study,

and study hard.

Given time and effort,

you will thoroughly understand.

Yea… maybe Confucius has some points here. I should try to be more focused and do one task at a time.


6 thoughts on “Confucius said …

  1. Richard says:

    Gini.. gw ajarin cara bacanya.. biar bisa ngerti..

    Baca tuh karangan pelan2.. Slowly and thoughtfully..

    Pas baca .. diakhir poem.. tambahkan kata ini..

    N-O-T !!! (read: nooooottttt)

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