The bra-ight side

Two days ago I got a strange invitation from my cousin, D . In his text message, he went :

” Hey, r u free on Friday from morning til arvo ? Can you find another 2 or 3 girls of age 18-25 to come along to the factory ? Need u girls for focus group meeting, there’ll be goodie-bags for each of u and some cash ( $ ka-chinggg $), and send me each of ur name + bra and panty size”

Now, I’m not too surprised because my cousin actually works for a company producing lingerie and such. Within a minute, I contacted two of my still-unemployed friends and on friday, we were set on a trip to the factory ^^.

We were told to gather in a meeting room, and met up another 7 girls there. Basically what we had to do was answering questions regarding bras.

Staff : ‘So , what sorts of  bra do you use most of the time ?’

Girls : (almost unanimously) ‘wired and has to maximise our assets as much as possible’

Staff : ‘ What sorts of colours do you girls prefer ? ‘

Girl 1, 2, 3 : ‘I prefer neutrals, so I can use it under any kinds of clothing …’

Girl 4,5 : ‘Neutrals on daily basis but fun, colourful ones for certain days ^^ ‘

Girl 6,7,8 : ‘The brighter the colours and prints the better !! ‘

Girl 9,10 : ‘ Any colours as long as they’re not too tacky ‘

Staff : ‘ How much would you spend on a bra ? ‘

Girls : (almost unanimous) ‘anything below Rp. 250,000 is reasonable’

– Girls these days are freakin rich, note that most of them are university students-

Arion : ‘errr … below 100,000 whenever possible -_-‘

– A bit embarassing to tell this in front of them, but I once bought a bra that costs me only Rp 6,000 –

Staff :  ‘ Which brand do you usually buy ? ‘

Girls : ‘La Senza’



‘etc .. name some brand here …’

Arion : ‘ err … Solera … ‘ ( kok kayak nama lagu )

–  after another dozens of questions and Arion spent the time munching yummy finger food provided, lunch was prepared ! Yippee ! , then followed by bra fitting session, and then .. to end with …

Staff : ‘ Girls, thanks for coming today, we’ve got goodie-bags for each of you and would like to invite you girls again when we have more events in  the future ! ‘

Inside the funky-bright pink bag there were a luxurious velvet bra + panty set, plastic folder, a satin hand bag, and an envelope with Rp 100,000 cash and Rp 50,000 discount voucher. Woohoo !! Transport home was provided as well !

Me and my friends were too happy , so I guess it was all worth it…


18 thoughts on “The bra-ight side

  1. nebulousarion says:

    bentuknya ok kok, and btw … i bought that several months ago, jadi bukan pas jaman permen karet yosan masih cepek dapet empat. It’s not exactly disposable tapi minggu depannya emang kawatnya udah keluar , skrg udah dijahit kok … wore it for work before tapi pada ga ada yang tahu kan ? ^.^

  2. nanang says:

    sannnnn gak ada yang tau?? hahahaha.. can seee.. can telll.. ahhahahahhaa.. boong deeee.. duh sepi nih gak ada dirimuuuu.. ughhhhh..

  3. nebulousarion says:

    hahahaha … lucu banget rich -_-”
    actually, i didn’t sew it , cuma asal njitet aja deh … masa dibawa ke vermak levis ?

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