“Call a relative” day

Let’s have a day, that has not been marked red in our calendar (read : non-festive holiday days) to call a relative that we may have forgotten for several months , or even years. Today, I had a visitor that came to introduce some mail server solutions, not for the university but for other potential business partners of the university. Somewhere during the conversation, he mentioned his alma mater, S.T.T.S.

Upon hearing that, I jumped , “Hey, that’s Sekolah-Tinggi-Tamate-Suwe! (translation: College of Never-Graduating ^^) . 

He calmly corrected it, “Err .. actually it’s Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya (translation: Surabaya College of Engineering), are you an alumni ? ”

I answered, “Nope, but my cousin , Armand is.”

His face lighted up and went , ” Heeeeyyyy I know him ! He’s my friend ! ”

Then he started to talk about how him and Armand are connected and bla bla bla… his voice turned into a mere background noise, as I suddenly recalled , ‘uh oh … it’s September , 3rd of September was Armand’s birthday , and gosh ..I haven’t kept in touch with this silly cousin of mine for agessss’ 

Guilt rushed in and I called, ‘ Mannnnddd !! Happy Birthdaayyy ‘ (sambil nyengir kuda).

In the other line, ‘ Whaaatt ?? My birthday was two weeks ago !!! Where the heck have you been ?? What !? Busy ?? Busy with what ?? You never even informed us that your number has changed ! ‘

… etc etc

^.^ So yea… pick a day and call a relative before they cross you out of the family tree.


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