A glassful of Arion


Arion did something that she has never done before in her life as a celebrated lecturer ^^ ! For her, it takes a lot of courage to appear in public with her spectacles. Last night she accidentally sent one of her contact lens to a trip down the drainage, unfortunately, this pair was the last pair of lenses in stock. Gggrrr … when your visions are as impaired as hers, assistance from spectacles or contact lenses, is a sine qua non.

Well, it wasn’t that bad after all.


5 thoughts on “A glassful of Arion

  1. - s M i L e - says:

    Wooowww…now u really ready to perform in public as a new comer singer (not only in karaoke room) as i believe that spectacles gives u strength to sing better (i didn’t say that u cannot sing better @ this moment ya) hehehe 😀 jk

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