Catch me if you can !

I’m teaching an Introduction to Information Technology class this term, and in an attempt to make the class more interesting, I added an extra instruction in their homework paper today:

6.  Find my writer name!

Obviously the most puzzling question there, the students bombarded me with questions:

Student : What do you mean by writer-name?

Arion: Well, ya see , I have a blog but I don’t use my real name in my blog.

Student : Then … how are we suppose to find this blog ?

Arion : Hmm , that IS the question! ^^ Go find it.

Student: Any clue for us -___- ??

Arion : Nope , good luck.

Let’s see if they manage to arrive here safely ^^. 

Studenttsss , where are you?


13 thoughts on “Catch me if you can !

  1. Marcus says:

    google your full name & it pops your blog in the 1st ranking. followed by Inti college…. friendster…

    You are exposed!!

    Simple as that. hehe. d^^b

  2. nebulousarion says:

    @ms M & Eel : hahaha , that’s right …

    @Marcus : Thanks for dropping by ^^ , eventhough you’re not my student … so yes, still waiting for some student to appear…

  3. yourstudet says:

    Sorry Miss, I don’t even want 2 give u any clue…wkwkwkw

    you buy me some pizza. :p

    but, please don’t deduct my score after that ^^.

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