Place your bid !


Charity Bazaar and auction

When ? 3rd of October 2007, starting 17.00 pm til 21.30 pm!

Where? Inti College Indonesia Campus , jalan Arjuna Utara no.35 , Duri Kepa, Jakarta Barat .

Why ? Because :

  • You’re a shopaholic and you just can’t miss good bargains !
  • You’re a profit-oriented individual that will never miss an opportunity to make money (if you are, be quick , they nearly ran out of stalls ).
  • You have nothing to do.
  • You’re dying to meet new people ^^.
  • You’ve been dreaming about going out on a DATE with your favourite Inti College lecturer / staff ! You can bid them during the auction , you may be the lucky one to get a date with them ! Kapan lagi !!??
  • You would like to help the community, because a portion of the sales made during this event will be given away for charity. 

Curious ?

Call : Inti College Indonesia at (021) 565 4969


 drop a message in Beefy’s or Nanang’s blog !


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