Alone : Arion hates horror


I’m not a fan of horror movies. Reasons? Horror movies made me scream incessantly and I’m well aware that my screaming potentially annoys other viewers. But on Saturday night, I was forcefully kidnapped by BD, Si Manis Jembatan Kedoya (from now on she’ll be referred to as SMJK) and Beefy. They made me watch a Thai horror flick called “ALONE” at Beefy’s place. As I had no other choice and nowhere to run to, I tagged along.

So what happened next? Put simply, I screamed my heart away, and SMJK joined the screaming party. Everyone’s ears were reportedly ringing for quite some time, and I’m quite sure that our screams had caused some damages to their eardrums. So , anyone interested in asking me to watch horror again ? -_-

Oh.. and what about the movie itself? A movie about conjoined twins, one died, the other one alive, and the dead one is demanding death from the living one. It’s eery- just like how horror movies should, it’s disturbing with a plot twist that is a little predictable. As per this morning, I’m still scared to pick up something under my bed thanks to this wonderful movie. Overall, not bad at all ! A bit of precaution: don’t watch this alone!


5 thoughts on “Alone : Arion hates horror

  1. renzmania says:

    Woi.. jenengku kok ora disamarke? -_-” ketauan penakutnya donkk.. heheheh… Aniweii… Yuk kita nonton pelm begituan lagi… ^^

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