Me ! Me ! Me !

Arion had a “Me!” day yesterday ! When a day has been declared as a “Me!” day, nothing is more important that day than her own well being !

So, the day began with an hour of sleep extension, followed by hair spa treatment at the salon, then a yummy treat of noodles, and of course – shopping therapy. She went home with two new blouses, a pair of new silver sandals (at 50% discount ^^ woohoo ! ), new pair of hoop earrings, sachets of face masks, a new Pearl S. Buck novel, a compact powder, and a loot from the Body Shop consisting : EDT + shower gel + body lotion. Once back to her room, she indulged in DIY facial session and got her dinner delivered right to her door.

That must had been the best “Me !” day ever ! And what can be better than a great “Me !” day to heal a girl’s broken heart ?


13 thoughts on “Me ! Me ! Me !

  1. renzmania says:

    Gilee blanjanyee… heuheuheuhee.. Ga bole sering2 patah hati tuh, bisa2 dompet jd bolong n kartu kredit jd patah juga.. ^^

  2. nebulousarion says:

    err … if I tell all, I’m afraid I’ll be in a bad limelight , so to preserve my dignity (read : face), I chose not to blog about it. ihik…ihik …

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