Salon spy: Arbeth Salon @ Restoplaza, PU Campus

sleep.gifI love having long hair but these days, I thought my hair was getting difficult to handle. Living in a constant humid and scorching hot weather meant my hair needs extra care and nourishing ^^. This “need” increases exponentially by the length of your hair.  I suddenly remembered what Beefy said before I left Jakarta for this town, “Cut your hair shorter, I don’t think there’s any hair salon there ! hueheeh ” ( as usual, he said that with a hint of evilness).  

Well, for your information, there IS a hair salon here , and it is located on campus ! I thought I’d give it a go. The salon is quite small, but it has an interesting and calming interior with soft lighting, I immediately sense that this might be expensive. I repelled that thought because I don’t think they are ‘mean’ enough to charge poor students with high price tag! I requested for price list, and opted for the hair rinse + cut + blow package, it says Rp. 50,000. A bit pricey to my liking ( my usual salon only charges Rp. 30,000 for all that! Just ask SMJK !) , but the stylist said they have a 25% discount offer.

Anyway… the stylist began to cut here and there, and by the time he started to blow my hair, I dozed off in spite of the loud noise emitted by the hairdryer (I was exhausted).

When I regained my consciousness, I realised that the stylist had transformed me into a funny looking mushroom alien ! The top portion was puffy and round , but he made the lower portion rather wavy – which I like – but not with the puffy toppings !! Arrrghhh !! He must have noticed that I was rather shocked with what I saw, so he tried to DEFLATE the puff he made with his hands. -____-” gawwdddd, then he said with a smiling face ,” It’s Saturday night, so you can hit the town right away with this ‘do’ !”.

Let’s not talk about hitting the town, my head was spinning trying to figure out how to walk safely from the hair salon to the housing area without being spotted by anyone I know. Now, here comes the worst part: I have to pay Rp 68,000 !! Because of the additional charge on ‘styling’ which by they way, I didn’t ask and did I mention that I wasn’t impressed with the result? I paid and left without bothering to tip the stylist or the shampoo girl ! >_<

Thankfully, after a wash, the layered cut ended up looking pretty good ^_^. So I’m not complaining anymore.

Rating: uhmm … 6 out of 10   

Without much styling this is how the hair turns out to be :

hcut3.jpg  Kurang pendek dikit kayaknya ^^


12 thoughts on “Salon spy: Arbeth Salon @ Restoplaza, PU Campus

  1. renzmania says:

    Ralat ralat… di salon om Joko cuman Rp 20.000,- bukan Rp 30.000,-.. ehuehuee… Wahhh, Rp 68.000,- di om Joko dah bisa GUNTING + CREAMBATH + MeniPedi.. heuheue..

  2. renzmania says:

    oo.. tip ga diitung donk ahh.. hehehe
    aniwayys… hasilnya bagus kok, dirimu terlihat makin manis seperti diriku.. heuheuheue.. ^^

  3. nebulousarion says:

    because u havent seen my hair for a while. I used to have this kind of hairstyle then it greewwwww longerrrr …now i’m back to this one again ..

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