Mad Mid Term Examination

Apparently I broke the record of ‘giving the longest midterm examination ever’. It was not intended to be that bad.  After the examination, my poor students looked terribly exhausted and claimed to be having vision and potentially brain problems. 

There were two sessions: Written (closed book) for the first 1.5 hour, and then after a 30 minutes break, followed by Coding session(open book, open codes, open USB disks) in the Lab for 2.5 hours. 

After 2.5 hours, only ONE(1)  student managed to complete all THREE(3) questions given at this session, so I gave them an hour break and told them to continue the exam again for another hour. It almost felt like their whole day was filled with that examination. After the last ONE(1) hour extension, I told them all to just forget it, compile, save, and leave the lab. Judging from how gaunt they look, that exam must have been quite a torture -_-.

Now here comes my defense. 

I made exam drafts with the following ideas in mind:

  1. To really examine students’ achievements
  2. If it is final examination, I want to ensure that students that are granted “PASS” really do understand what they were doing in the class, at least some of it.
  3. Of course , I’d like to filter and acknowledge students who really really deserve the title “OUTSTANDING” from the rests ^^.

And I don’t make exam drafts with the following ideas in mind:

  1. To torture the students and to remind them to not mess around with me .
  2. To fail them.

So to conclude with, errr… I don’t quite understand how an exam that should’ve been fun can be such a torture . Well, I can’t say everyone enjoys coding in C, but if you have decided to plunge yourself into a subject like Network Programming, I suppose you are aware of the risks entailed. 

Maybe they just need to learn to not take things too seriously (of course, you should take things seriously , just not ‘that serious’)  .  They all looked terribly tensed during the coding exam, and I think that’s not good.

I haven’t finished grading the exams yet, but at a glance, I think most of them did a superb job in the written section. Their answers went down to miniscule details that I did not even expect to see. I could tell that most of the students in this class share similar  traits when it comes to dilligence and efforts, something good to begin with 🙂   .


7 thoughts on “Mad Mid Term Examination

  1. dj0k3rz says:

    i believe that exams are well made for:

    a) to increase student’s adrenaline in your blood
    b) to increase student’s blood pressure
    c) to increase the level of critical thinking of the students
    d) to help students believe that they are going to stay in the college longer than expected……..say like H.P. =)

  2. 3 Evil Stooges says:

    haha Quoted :
    “I could tell that most of the students in this class share similar traits when it comes to dilligence and efforts, something good to begin with 🙂 .”
    Unlike the lecturer i suppose ^^
    so are the students better there or at your previous college ?.?

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