Arion’s birthday wishlist ^^

Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, it would be unlikely for me to receive Christmas presents, hence the next thing to look forward to would be my birthday ! Now, just in case you don’t know what to give me for my birthday ^_^ hueheueue, you can start here.

  1. Small budget:
    • The world’s best CAFFEINATED Lip balm, ” The SpazzStick” ! Comes in two flavours, I heard Vanilla Toffee is the yummier one ^^ (

    •  Terry Tirex Handpuppet from FlannelaPernik ( , I like Ethel the witch too! They will be such a great companion in my Sunday School .


  • VI Mug !! Oh how I wish vi was easier !! gggrrr !! So many funky shortcuts yet since I can’t remember all of them, I just use “i”, “esc”, “q”, and “wq” most of the time.  This mug is actually a cheat sheet of all those weird vi commands 🙂 possibly the most thoughtful gift for a girl (


2. Bigger budget:

  •  It’s no secret that I have some difficulties when it comes to waking up in the morning. I think this is the solution to that, SonicBomb alarm clock is the loudest alarm clock ever made and it shakes your bed too. If this still fails, then maybe I should try to get 8-hours of sleep daily -_- (


  • Bluetooth virtual keyboard ! I’m such a keyboard person, after feeling contented for more than a year with my ultra cute, pink, rolled-up keyboard, my eyes are glued on this one now ^^. All you need is a flat surface to create your full-sized QWERTY keyboard. ($179 from , kok mahal ya ? )


Thank you all ^.^


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