Bloody Fainting Spells!

The rather hyped up blood donation drive in the campus yesterday had attracted both students and public, including myself. I was a bit excited about it actually. I don’t donate blood as often as I could because the Red-Cross medics have the tendency to reject my blood due to low blood pressure. And even if I did manage to donate, I ended up fainting.


Well, yesterday, I prepared myself physically by eating healthy brunch of rice and “pindang ikan patin” , finished with a glass of caisim (yes, caisim the green veggie) juice – doesn’t taste as bad as you’d thought. And then I gulped a tiny glass of strawberry milk too. So, what happened next? I waited for my turn to donate, stepped on the bed, needle went in and out went my blood.


I didn’t get up immediately, until the nurse gave me an OK.  I got up, walked about a meter to pick up my card, and the world turned black.

Suddenly, people were carrying me away and placed a strong ethanol-like scented cotton ball on my nose tip. Once again, I fainted following a blood donation. Students and some staffs surrounded me to see if I was okay, and someone came with a glass of warm, sweet tea.


After a while, a member of red-cross medic team told me to leave the bed because someone else had to use it. I was still feeling rather drowsy but stood up anyway. I walked heading for the door with my dorm-mate , T.


Two meters away from the bed, my legs gotten really weak and again, I lost most of my strength to walk and collapsed. Darn it !! Whyyy ??? I don’t understand why other people can donate blood so easily without experiencing series of fainting ordeals like me? I grappled one of my student and told him that class shall be rescheduled, then T rushed me home and there I collapsed for several hours.

I still don’t feel quite right today. Sigh…


A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood.

50 Quick Facts (


12 thoughts on “Bloody Fainting Spells!

  1. renzmania says:

    Ya ampun san, next time jangan dipaksa bt sumbang darahhh… ^^ G blm pernah lhoo.. heuheue.. punya riwayat sering pingsan soalnya.. ^^

  2. mhpm says:

    So was it a real faint, or an excuse to dismiss your class? 😉 Or an excuse to be picked up by strong handsome men? Or to be the center of attention of a room full of people?

    Hahaha… just kidding… I agree with the RenzGal, don’t force it Sandy. You’ve done your best and you have a willing heart. Your body just can’t take it. Leave it to the rest of us strong-hearted, needle-fearless heroes… cieh..cieh… (memuji diri sendiri nih?) 🙂

  3. Mpok says:

    Ya allah, udh kurang darah and kurus gitu koq sumbang darah! Untung ga kebalik orang mau sumbang darah ke kamu!! he…he…
    Take care ya, I think u got low bllod pressure that’s why you are fainted after the donation! Lain kali jangan dipaksa deh…

  4. nebulousarion says:

    thanks all …. ms m, i couldn’t even recalled who picked up my shoes , so i don’t really know if the ones who picked me up were some handsome hunks, and btw … i’m not weak-hearted hahahaha

  5. Richard says:

    Some handsome hunks from vietnam or china? or.. buncis doppelganger if you know what I mean? Hihi…

    *A higher probability of it to be someone who DRAG you.. not pick you up.. ^^

  6. jabbathehut says:

    So how do you guys overcome your fear of needle?… aren’t you scared at all? how many litres did they take from you?
    What if you have some deseases? like hiv virus, herpes or any other deseases…
    Hehehehe I mean afterall we don’t know of what have you been doing hehehehe

    Yesterday a nurse has to take my bloodsample to run some test and I scream blooddy murder.. it’s more like the F word echoing through the hospital hall. Yet they just took 1 tiny tube…

    But hey it’s a good thing that you donate Sand,.. i might need it in June hehehe

  7. nebulousarion says:

    @mar : no, you don’t need my blood , you have no idea what i’ve been doing ^^ hahaha … jk jk ,perlu berapa liter sih ?

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