Durian and Salak


‘Salak’ can mean anything, the road where I used to live in was lovingly called the “salak” by the tukang ojeks, and it can also mean a fruit. Not quite sure what the English word for salak is. Anyway, recently, me and T have been quite troubled by the salaks. I noticed that her car was smelling rather odd one day, kinda like Durian smell but not as harsh, hmm more towards “cempedak” smell. A colleague exclaimed , ” This car smells great !!”  The source of this delightful yet fermenty aroma was a bag of salak in the back of the car. Salak should not smell this strong, so obviously, it was in the process of decomposing -_-. She threw them out and kept the ones that were still edible. 

This morning, I woke up with the familiar durian-like smell in the dorm ! And the source wassss ….a  bowl of salaks that T had abandoned in the kitchen. They had turned fuzzy with white-green furs, and the bowl had some sort of molds growing in it.

These series of salak events got me thinking : “Can we make durian from salak ??”


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