The Open House and Lost Weekend

University’s open house was held from morning til about 1 pm. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one from Faculty of Computing who turned up in the open house ( I don’t really want to sit alone in the lonely booth ), Dr R, Mr N, and T came too ^^ yippeee ! So, we thought we will rock this open house and harvest as many IT students as possible !

Well, the summary of our attempt in convincing future students and parents went pretty much like this:

10.00 a.m : About 2 parents came to the booth to ask about IT and IS majors, T and I chatted and answered questions about the programmes, etc etc. Dr R and Mr N joined us.

10.10 a.m: Another parent came, and some curious spectators appeared, but before we made enough lasting impression about how cool the programmes were, the marketing staffs came and herd the parents to leave our booth so they can listen to the speeches from various people -___-“.

10.10 am until errr … 12.30 p.m : finalllyyy speeches and such ended and the prospective students had finished their entrance tests. I thought , yess .. this is the time for the booth fight again ! We returned to the booth and played some slideshows and showcase students’ projects.

13.00 pm : We were attending to about 4 parents and some future students’ questions when the marketing staff came again to shoo them away! Apparently, it is time for them to do a campus and dormitory tour ! GGggrrr !!

In total, we handled less than 10 inquiries about the faculty only, we could have convinced more people if they weren’t shooed away.

Anyway, the good thing is, I think I can be a salesperson too ! Not too bad, some of the parents looked highly interested in my explanation kekekeke … I might be wrong of course.

– – – – – – – –

Funny questions thrown to Arion during the open house:


Arion : ” Bachelor of information technology programme is bla bla bla … bla bla bla …. whereas students in IS major has to bla bla bla bla ”

Parents : ” So you’ve been studying here for a while, eh ? When will you graduate? ”

Arion : +_+


A mum : “if the programme is too technical … err … can a girl do it ?”


A dad: “So, how’s the system here? What time do classes start and what time will it end ?”

Arion : “Uhmm .. well, the earliest is 8.00 am, and they might have classes until about 6 pm.”

A dad : “Whattt ?? That loongg ???”

Arion : ” Noooo , they may not have classes in between , ya see, it is different from high schools where students come at 7 and go home by 2 pm everyday ^^”

A dad : ” Ahhh … so it’s irregularrrr … ”

Arion : “yoi” ^^

– – – – – – –

Luckily harder questions were thrown to my boss instead of me, these includes:

“Are all your programmes fully accredited ??”

“Do you think this university will survive in the future ?”

“Don’t you think you need to improve the facilities here?”

Anyways, these are some of the legendary geeks in the Faculty of Computing and Engineering (and an intruder from Economics) posing after the open house :



12 thoughts on “The Open House and Lost Weekend

  1. nebulousarion says:

    @renz : heuehe ..ngga ah, kecuali gajnya gedeeeee
    @rich : hahaha he does ! But he resembles Kobo-chan more !
    @mhpm : psstt … he’s married, besides, let’s not give him that idea -_-.

  2. - s M i L e - says:

    Errr..if u face these kind of question :

    “Are all your programmes fully accredited ??”

    “Do you think this university will survive in the future ?”

    “Don’t you think you need to improve the facilities here?”

    You can answer like this “Ouww..for more detail you can ask my boss over there” hehe 😀

  3. nebulousarion says:

    @mar : it is awfullllyyyy shoorttt … and yes, there’s a rather rigid dress code here …i don’t always follow the rules though
    ehehe galak ? not really …

  4. nebulousarion says:

    wah an EE student dropped by ! welcommeee ! hmm the intruder is a lecturer too ya know, although slim chance you’ll ever be taught by him.

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