Grading mode : on

What you’re seeing here is Arion, currently grading in her secret grading-cave where yummy coffee and fast Internet connection is keeping her happy … sshhh …


She’s a bit grumpy after hours and hours of endless grading and many attempts on deciphering cryptic texts used by some students:


We’ll be back right after these messages with more news.


8 thoughts on “Grading mode : on

  1. nebulousarion says:

    iyaaa …itu main panah-panahannya yg ngga nahan …nulisnya dari atas ke bawah, kiri , kanan trus kiri lagi , dst dst … itu masih mending, ada yang nulisnya tipiiiiiiisss banget , bikin sakit mata +_+

  2. fandigunawan says:

    Dosa terbesar seorang murid adalah tulisan jelek karena merusak mata guru. :p. Mungkin perlu dibuat aturan seperti waktu saya SMA : tulisan jelek (yang bikin rusak mata guru) nilai didiskon 20%. I think this will work.

  3. nebulousarion says:

    hehehe … it’s a bit tought to implement, what defines “tulisan jelek” , cos some people categorise my handwriting as ‘bad’ too .

  4. nebulousarion says:

    good suggestion ^^ , well at least they should make some effort to write neater. And I don’t like how some students use pencil (esp. if it’s super fine and thin ) throughout the paper , it’s ok if they use it for figures and diagrams, but please don’t overuse it +_+

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