New Year’s Resolutions !

 These are the list of my new year’s resolutions :

  • To get ahead at work ! This is a MUST !
  • Have healthier diet and regular exercise ^^ (definitely a tough one, err … luckily I’m a bit far from that dimsum place. )
  • Must have lots of fun as I need to maintain my funky + crazy aura hiehiehie
  • Even stricter beauty regime (tsk tsk … vain )
  • To do whatever things needed to reach my long lost dream ==> to have phd before my 40th birthday ! The longer I delay, the farther I am from that goal -_-“.
  • To better manage my finances.
  • To continue dedicating a portion of my life (albeit tiiiinyyy portion, since the bigger portion still goes to my career) to fight for better living for children everywhere, eradicate poverty and help the disadvantaged.
  • To better manage my stress tendencies -_- (another tough one).
  • To have more confidence in myself ^^

Effective from today, 2nd of January 2008


9 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions !

  1. Richard says:

    owww.. i thought you are going to say:
    “I will eradicate proverty. I will reduce unemployment. I am Arion, and I am running for President!”


  2. Richard says:

    The kompor is like the Mission Impossible movie. Pernah nonton kan?
    After you use the kompor once, it will automatically give an announcement:”This stove will self destruct. Everything will be exterminated, including … maybe your house. It will happen in 5 seconds.. 5, 4, 3, …”

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