I’m 26 years old !

Yepp , I’ve past a quarter of century and I’m loving it ! In spite of all the various troubles and problems that I’ve faced the past months, I realised that actually I have all the reasons in the world to celebrate.

The past 25 years of my life isn’t so bad after all, I may not get to the list of most successful, most beautiful, richest, etc etc yet, but that doesn’t matter. I’m enjoying every second of my youth, my colourful life, my hectic crazy busy work and my freedom. I owed all these to my good kamma, family, friends, cats, dog, students, rabbits, and everyone. I couldn’t thank everyone enough for everything that happened to me at the moment.

The highlight of my birthday was a lunch date with my old pal Pamela, her 10-months old son and her mother. It was a very nostalgic event that reminded me of our junior high school days. Pamela gave me a minmie bag(see pic) ! It was awesome cute, and sooo very “me” ^.^ Thanks, Pammy !

Anyway, happy birthday to me ! The world is my oyster and I’m loving it !!!


11 thoughts on “I’m 26 years old !

  1. - s M i L e - says:

    Hey saaann…happy bday ya, wish u all d bez deh 🙂

    Untung gw rajin buka blog lo (emang ga ada kerjaan..hehe). Keep on rockn dude..hehe..

    Anyway..lo beruntung san gw orang pertama yg memberi selamat untuk lo..hahaha 😀

  2. Putra says:

    Hi There,

    Bit late here ( oh ya 11:15 PM here).

    I would like to wish you for :

    (-) ahead at work !
    (-) healthier diet and regular exercise
    (-) a smooth way to your PHD before ur 40th birthday
    (-) a better own financial management
    (-) a straight track to keep fighting for better living for children everywhere, eradicate poverty and help the disadvantaged.
    (-) a better stress tendencies management
    (-) a higher confidence in yourself

    ……. and a happy birthday !


  3. nebulousarion says:

    ya mudah2an gw bisa dateng ^^ heuehehe … it’s chocolate cake again sih, plus being sprayed by friends, and listening to birthday songs from pengamens ^^

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