Last week in Arion’s life

  1. Super busy Sunday morning with last minute blankets shopping that Arion and her kost-mates wanted to give away for donation. Haggling at Pasar Kopro is definitely a fun way to start your day.
  2. Visited cerebral palsy children orphanage and had some cuddly moments with them. For those who are interested in helping up, you can contact them at : Wisma Tuna Ganda – Palsigunung, Jl Raya Bogor Km 28.5 , Jakarta Timur, phone : +62 21 8710063, or +62 21 922 5184.
  3. After the visit, ran to the airport to take the flight to Surabaya.
  4. Reached Surabaya at night , and the next morning Arion was busy roaming around Surabaya to get her Identity Card done. Begin : Pak RT’s house =>was told to go to RT’s secretary’s house instead , went there, but he wasn’t there,was told to wait until arvo. Arvo => still not there , then finally found him, got his signature, back to Pak RT, now Pak RT wasn’t there, was told to return in the morning.
  5. Tuesday 7.00 am, rushed to Pak RT’s house, got his signature, go to Pak RW’s place daaarrnnn ! he wasn’t there ! waited til he got home, got his signature, then to Kelurahan office, then to Kecamatan office- got denied for photo taking there for whatever reason, Arion went crazy and they finally allowed her to get her IC done that day, she returned to Kelurahan again to pick up the IC … phhheewwwwww !!!
  6. Tuesday afternoon: IC done ! Met up with Pammy and her mum for lunch, on the way to the rendezvous, Arion was trapped in an annoying situation involving those bloody policemen, her handbag was searched and she was told to step out of the taxi. The police said he had to fine the taxi gggrrr, since she needed to go to the restaurant, she went crazy again gggrrr !! Luckily, the taxi driver bribed his way through (Rp. 20,000 did the job) and away they went ! Yipppeeee !!
  7. After lunch, ran to the airport to return to Jakarta. She hated the traffic jam in Surabaya, this city is turning into Jakarta ! Ouch ! When she got to the airport, it was boarding time ! Checked in, ran out to buy some stuffs for her friends in Jakarta and then ran to the gate. Pheww … got to the plane on time ^^ hihihihi …
  8. Tuesday evening : Jakarta ! Stucked in traffic jam and 2.5 hours later , she finally reached her dormitory in Cikarang.
  9. Wednesday morning : Work work work ! Busy with enrollment .
  10. Wednesday afternoon: Birthday party with colleagues ! Her colleagues called some street artists (pengamen) to sing several birthday songs and entertain them throughout dinner !! It was so much fun, she has no idea how much tips did her friends gave to the pengamens for the wonderful service.
  11. Thursday morning: work and then followed with Jakarta trip for another birthday dinner with temple friends, kost mates and Inti-friends ^^.
  12. Birthday dinner highlights : she learnt from Martje that pregnancy is not quite different from having rabies ! Of course lots of fun ! fun ! fun ! that night too.
  13. Friday morning : return to Cikarang => work work work.
  14. Saturday morning (5.30 am): jogged around Jababeka area, found some nice chicken congee (bubur ayam) in the corner of Jalan Citanduy, for Rp 3000 including a glass of warm tea. And then, jogged until she got to this area where she confirmed that she was LOST ! She slowly managed to find ways out and returned to the dormitory by 7.30 am -_-. Exhausted? Don’t even ask!
  15. Fell asleep until 9.00 am.
  16. Did some work in the dormitory albeit not much was done, and then ran to the bus stop to take the bus to Jakarta – again – due to a sad news, her late grandma’s friend had passed away, so Arion wanted to be at the funeral service.
    Somewhere in the middle of running, she broke her high heels, ran to plaza JB to get any decent shoes.
  17. Afternoon: Jakarta ! She put her stuffs in Tg Duren and ran to Rumah Duka at RSPAD Gatot Soebroto (she didn’t know that it was actually quite far). She followed the service , managed to run to Plaza Atrium to do some surveys on semi precious jeweleries. The research was done for Icha , her kost-mate-who-is-about-to-open-a- boutique in Manado, returned to rumah duka and chitchatted with uncles and aunts who attended too.
  18. At night (22.00 pm): returned to Tanjung Duren to crash.
  19. Sunday morning (8.00 am) : sunday school at the temple ^^.
  20. Sunday morning (10.30 am) : went to Citraland to get new shoes to replace the broken one, the ones bought from Plaza JB were killing her feet ! pfftt … never shop in a rush unless you really have to. Then to bookstores : Spectra at Taman Anggrek and Gramedia TA too. Bought a book on DirectX, she thought it was expensive -_- , hopefully she has enough time to put it into good use.
  21. Sunday (15.00 pm) : back to kost, somehow she was tired, so she fell asleep for 1.5 hours, then she had showers and had her hair and makeup done ^^ for a friend’s birthday.
  22. Sunday (18.00 pm): friend’s birthday dinner at Duta Mas, followed with karaoke session! Yippee !!
  23. Sunday (21.30 pm): returned to Cikarang.
  24. 22.00 pm: reached Cikarang, had shower and some chitchat with T, gulped paracetamol and slept at around 1.00 am

7 thoughts on “Last week in Arion’s life

  1. Martje says:

    On number 12 hehehe….
    iya tadinya mo gigitin orang…
    tp berhubung lumpia udang mayones udah dtg jadi gigitin lumpia udang aja deh…
    btw ni buku maharani endingnya kok begini aja sih..?

  2. nebulousarion says:

    tsk tsk tsk … untung ada lumpia .
    Hmm ya itu buku kan emang fictionalised biography gitu, jadi ya akhirnya dia udah tua aja … heuehe … retired ..

  3. - s M i L e - says:

    @ martje : adduuuhh..mar..lo ga usah so’ baca deh, paling lo baca ceritanya dari cover belakang doang khan? hehehe 😀 jk

    @ arion : i need more explanation about “pregnancy is not quite different from having rabies ! Of course lots of fun ! fun ! fun ! that night too” esp “that night too” part..hehehe ;o) (pura2 ga ngerti mode = on)

  4. nebulousarion says:

    rabies and pregnancy ? ya temen kita martje itu producing excessive saliva kayak anjing kena rabies, she blamed it on being pregnant hahahaha

  5. Martje says:

    Darn… dah baca-nya lama sambil boker yeh cuma retired doang akhirnya… gw pikir ada missing pages….

    Ma-iiiilll.. baca dong gw,…. cuma lebih seru lg kalo ada ilustrasi gambarnya nih…. trutama adegan kaisar sama selir- selirnya kekekeke….

    pregnant itu bikin nya aja yg enak during pregnancy nya ya gini deh… hiks… mamaaaa i love youuuu

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