Opium Den

The geek in me is disturbed ! There is no easy way to buy textbooks around here – the nearest place to get our dose of books is Jakarta , and our library has more students’ dissertations than real books.

Ordering from Amazon? You’ve gotta be kidding me , the shipping fee will be higher than the actual book’s price, andddd … if the books do arrive, we will have lots of issues with the tax and customs officers. Did I mention? There is additional charge imposed by DHL or Fedex too, which means, if I was not in the dormitory at the moment the book is delivered, the security guards will just tell the DHL/Fedex people to go home ! (Then I’ll have to go to Bekasi or Jakarta to pick it up !).

Anyway, my point is : I want to have my very own University bookstore specialising in imported textbooks as well as local books. I don’t like how most Gramedia (MTA’s Gramedia is an exception) bookshop only sell books written in Indonesian, well, I guess they’re just following the demands. 

The bookstore shall be called “The Opium Den” kekekek … cool name eh ? It will sell both new and used books. There will be textbooks, fictions, non-fictions and glossy magazines from all over the world. Catering to the needs of our readers in Jababeka – and the university – there will be a good mix of English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese books.

The bookstore will have a very cozy reading areas with plenty of pillows (hence opium den) , and if you need some caffeine or tea boost, our barrista will be there to serve you your cuppa ! ^^ It’ll be the first bookstore in Jababeka with a very exotic twist !

Hehehehe … ok, enough dreaming, time to get back to reality.


6 thoughts on “Opium Den

  1. - s M i L e - says:

    Well..nice imagination though 😀

    If u need library on line sys developer let me know..i’ll give u special price..huehehe ;o)

    PS : Special = i new brand ferrari car..hihihi.. (fyuuhh..i think it’s time for me to stop dreamin’)

  2. nebulousarion says:

    lampu kerlap kerlip sih udah pastiiii !! kaca2nya harus item biar orang ga tau kalo kita lg baca2 di dalem ^^ hihiihih

  3. nebulousarion says:

    heeyyy kalo order buku sekalian aja kalo gitu ^^ tapi gw mau buku yg bagus aja ngga mau yg jelek
    @rich : dennnn dengggg

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