Karoshi !


Karoshi refers to “death by overwork” in Japanese. It puzzled me how they actually have a specific name for death-by-overwork. It is a little vague, isn’t it ?

Say someone died because of heart attack, the killer should be the heart attack, although  perhaps after tracing the reason for his/her cardiac problem, one may find that it stemmed from working too hard and neglecting proper diet.

Then there are some people who died because of malnutrition. The cause of his/her death is still the lack of nutrition intakes . How do we define that he/she died because of too much work , hence forgotten to care much about nutrition? Maybe that person is having eating disorder ? Who knows?

What about people who got ran over by a car after aimlessly wandering in the middle of the road thanks to 28 hours of endless work? Was he killed by the accident or by overwork?

Anyway, recently the idea of placing “overwork” as one of the cause of death is starting to look more sensible than ever. The past couple of days , I have been having less than 4 hours of sleep daily. My roomie, T, did not sleep at all yesterday. As caffeine intake increase and food neglected, her digestion system began to complain and eventually, she threw up in the middle of the night. As for myself, I’m beginning to feel really drowsy now. I could not care much about how poorly written this blog entry is.

(“Fired fox” pic from icanhascheezburger)


5 thoughts on “Karoshi !

  1. mhpm says:

    Hey-hey… havent’ been to visit in a while… It’s your new year resolution to GET AHEAD OF WORK. So what’s with this death by overwork???

    Take care of yourself!! 😀

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