A downside of working in the weekends here is because the pantry will always be locked. For this purpose, I have prepared an extra mug so I still can make my coffee while working overtime. Strangely, I never remembered keeping an extra teaspoon, partly because I don’t see the need to bring one ^^.

I have discovered that actually there are wayyy too many items invented for a very limited, narrow, and often singular purpose in this world. I see an opportunity to optimise the use of these items ^^.

To date, I have used the following items to stir my Java:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Bamboo chopstick from takeaways
  • Pens ( you will always have at least one on your desk )
  • Straw
  • Toothpick (tried it this morning, it’s a bit tough to handle)
  • Knife

I might add more functions to my items at home too. Who needs all those bowl , plate, saucer , mugs, glass, cups, etc etc ? We can eat anything from bowls and drink from them too !!


15 thoughts on “Multifunction

  1. - s M i L e - says:

    Oh my gosh..saaannn..i duno whether i can say that’s bright idea or digusting one..hehe 😀

    PS : For me, if there is nothing to stir my milk (i have java rarely) i would use the sachet (plastic) of the milk..huehehe

  2. Richard says:

    Kacoo man.. kacoo…

    Another way around stirring with indecent objects, is the Mr. Bean’s way. Gulp everything, start from coffee, sugar, milk and warm water, then jump around. Your worms in your tummy will do the stirring.

  3. aRfian says:

    betul, jangan pake jari! panasss!
    pake pulpen juga ngeri, takut ntar berasa tinta :p

    pake sumpit lebih bersih dan reasonable, tapi ga selalu ada…
    pake HP, kemahalan, lagian kegedean :p

    kalo ga ada sendok, saya biasanya:
    -isi kopi/susu/whatevernya ke gelas/mug/whatever
    -kasih aer panas dikit aja
    -goyang2in gelas/mug/whatevernya sampe keaduk
    -tambahin aer dikit2 sambil terus digoyang2 gelas/mug/whatevernya

    it usually works, safe and not disgusting
    karena kita kan ga tau itu pulpen udah dipegang siapa aja, jatoh kemana aja, kena virus apa aja dari udara, dll

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