Quirky Gifts

Lately I received two several quirky gifts. From my little brother, a baby shrek stuffed toy. Generally, I love stuffed toys, but I do wonder why he gave me this baby “buto ijo” (Javanese ~ green giant). At first, it looked a little weird, but he managed to convince me that this baby buto is actually very cute.

shrekbaby1.png I ❤ baby buto
My friend Hari gave me two cute hand-painted t-shirts, thankfully he was not the one who painted them ^^ jk jk.

Then came Valentine’s day. A friend, whose identity shall remain hidden for the time being, gave me a very thoughtful Valentine’s gift: a first-aid kit bag.



The first-aid kit bag has a lotttt of compartments, and in each of them, he slipped in all sorts of chocolates, candies, and snacks ^^. Just when I thought there’s no more hidden pocket with sweets in it, I discovered more.

He said all these chocolatey stuffs should keep me happy for at least two months. I thought this looks more like a year supply of sweetness !  Hmm but why first-aid kit bag ? Maybe he thought my idea of ’emergency’ event is the unfortunate event of  my food supply running out. Nonetheless, I would like to thank everyone for their funny gifts ! I love them all ! Please await weird stuffs from me too (how does ‘korekan kuping” sound to you ? ^^ ) . Thank you !!!!
Now it’s time for baby buto to sleep, baby buto, say bye-bye to all readers !



9 thoughts on “Quirky Gifts

  1. Richard says:

    it GLoWs in the dark? That’s eerie..
    But, i agree with renzmania, it looks like youu…

    ps: korekan kuping? kayaknya gw pernah dapet de.. ^^!

  2. nebulousarion says:

    hihihi iya, gw pernah kasih oleh2 korekan kuping, tapi itu kayaknya ngga bener2 pas deh angle-nya, still looking for the perfect one.

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