Pak Kepala Sekolah

After being frozen for three hours in the meeting room (it really is a refrigerator decorated with chairs, conference table, and projector), my brain is going through a long thawing process. During thawing process, I cannot seem to think properly and my mind is currently wandering to a website.

My old friend, Pepen (not real name), appeared in my yahoo messenger yesterday:

Pepen : Oi !

Me : Pen, i’m busy, make it quick ! You have 1 minute !

Pepen : Hiya, sok sibuk lo ! Check out this website and let me know what you think ! (sending some URL) Click on”SD” (SD is Indonesian for Elementary school ) !

Me : Oh … (clicking …)

It was a school website, SD Islam Amalina , and then I clicked on menu “Profil >> Dewan Guru & Karyawan “. Shocked ! Horrified ! Surprised ! Pepen is the school principal (Kepala Sekolah) . Whhaaatt !!?? This can’t possibly be true ! I have yet to see any elementary school principal younger than 45 years old , let alone a crazy one !

Pepen’s crime record include :

  • Singing ‘Kenangan Terindah‘ in extremely intolerable volume
  • Daily purposeless giggling sessions with his lifelong buddy : Winly
  • Playing pranks on pretty much everyone -_-, including me !
  • Constant bullying of our poor friend Sulthon (real name)
  • anddddd he once forced me to accompany him stalking two hot girls – until he realised that the ‘hot girls’ have rather rich baritone voices ^^.

Gone are the days where educators are fuddy-duddies carrying huge wooden ruler aimed at your hand when you fail to answer 6×7 correctly ! Strange .. I heard these days people call this ‘abusive’ , it used to be called ‘educative’ . Anyway, despite his occasional antics, I know that education is one of his life’s passions, photography comes second to that. So fingers crossed, he’ll make a super kepala sekolah ! ^^


4 thoughts on “Pak Kepala Sekolah

  1. nebulousarion says:

    heuehhe … don’t you just miss the days when we were working for Malaysians . wait ..what am I talking about ? dj0k3rz still works there ! ^^

  2. fend says:

    hehehehe wish me luck guys, berat juga jadi kepsek neh 😀
    especially without u guys, can’t do crazy things hahaha….

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