Morning ritual

Yes , it is official ! Two inhabitants of this tiny dorm have serious problem with waking up in the morning!

Let’s have a look at their morning rituals:

(6.00 am )
– Arion’s alarm clock ringing-

Arion : $$%^%$@#### !!! (turn off alarm clock)

– Arion’s second alarm ringing –

Arion : -_- uhmm … (turn off alarm clock)

(6.30 am)
– T’s alarm ringing-

Arion : Zzzz …

(7.00 am)
– T’s second alarm ringing –

Arion: (open eyes, walk out of the bedroom slowly to boil hot water for bath – err.. we have no water heater, then back to the bedroom to sleep just a littleeee biiitt more )

(7.20 am)
-Water kettle screaming a loud beep –

Arion : (turn off stove, pour hot water and have shower)

(7.30 am)

Arion: (shower done, proceed to wake T up by knocking frantically) T ! T ! Wake up !!

T : (head out of the door , eyes half closed) Hmm ?? what time is it now ??

Arion :Uhm … seven-thirty five. 

T : WHAAATTT ???!!??

T : (shower shower)

(7.55 am)

-Arion and T are out of the door, literally running to the campus-

(8.00 am – sometimes 8.05 am)

They reach the campus safely and clocked in, jussttt in time.

This means, unlike normal people, we hardly have time for breakfast. We never read newspaper in the morning, and will never be bothered to turn on the TV for some morning news.

On public holiday such as today, we rejoiced and enjoyed our nice blissful extended sleeping time. I slept until about 9, awoke by a phone call from a friend, and then continued to sleep until 11. I think T woke up around 10 but snuggled in bed until 11.30.

Life can’t possibly get any better than this ^^


9 thoughts on “Morning ritual

  1. Richard says:

    Err.. but i am always (normally.. ) ready before seven. Lagian kan mending dateng pas2an.. pulang malem.. Biar keliatan rajin. Huehiehuie… Same sacrifices (hourly), different impression.

  2. nebulousarion says:

    bangun pagi2 buat apa ? I only do that when I really want to go out for a jog or catch a flight, otherwise, every minute of sleep is preciouuussss !!

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