Butterfly Effect’s First Anniversary

As its founder, I would like to make a special post to celebrate this event. However, I’ve been waayyy busy with work, so I guess the special post got to wait. Today I’ve been out since 6.30 for a meeting in Jakarta, and when I finally returned to the campus, it’s 3 pm already. I have yet another meeting in another 15 minutes and I guess I’m lucky I can squeeze in a few minutes to blog. My schedule is a serious mess of meetings and endless to-do lists. This morning too, one more responsibility has been added on IT Department’s shoulder. I need to recharge my juggling skill again, oh well, it’s time to go now … til next time ! ^^


7 thoughts on “Butterfly Effect’s First Anniversary

  1. nebulousarion says:

    it’s like your birthday, you (and maybe susan) thought it’s darn important but the rest 99% of the world’s population might not see its significance. jk jk 😀

  2. aroengbinang says:

    congrats for the first anniversary…. when my blog passed the first year of its anniversary, i even didn’t realize it until a fellow blogger reminded me….:). salam.

  3. sophia says:

    wah happy belated anniversary ya hehehee hope to see and read more updates and interesting postings from you sandy hehehee

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