Rave Alert : YACKO is back !

Finally, I can get my hands on her second album , Mendua ! I personally think this is better than Refleksi. Yacko’s sultry, husky vocal blends with the songs like melt-in-your-mouth chocolates, and as always, she infused the lyrics with her great sense of humour. You need to know some Indonesian to be able to appreciate it though.

Arion’s favourite tracks:

  1. Jangan Berisik (feat Drusteelo and Tabib Qiu) : Yacko’s super sexy husky whisper is all over this track ! 😉
  2. Fiesta (feat Said Sauljah) : the track that makes Arion want to dance ! Shake it ! Shake it ! Shake that thing ! Yacko ajak lo bergoyang ayo ! yo yo yo ! ^^
  3. Gamelan #2 : another successful combination of hiphop and Javanese pentatonic tunes. This track is 10 out of 10 !
  4. Supergurl : Uplifting, feel-good track for all girls out there. “We’re the supergurls ! We are ! We are ! Pretty like butterfly !”

Hmm .. least favourite track, can I say “Mendua” ? Nothing wrong with the beat, or with her voice, but the lyrics ughhh … it’s another “torn between two lovers” tale that is so typical of Indonesian pop songs !

In the past couple of years, I’ve lost count of the numbers of Indonesian songs with similar theme, Ungu is one band that is very guilty of this, then there’s Mata (or was it Matta?) with that annoying uh-oh song, T2, of course Pinkan’s Dirimu Dirinya or whatever that is, Astrid, etc etc. I can’t believe Yacko would fell into this too. Mudah-mudahan ini bukan cerminan identitas bangsa (read: suka selingkuh).

Arion gives this album : 8 out of 10.

Catch Yacko at:

Jalan Keluar – Charity Music Show

Kamasutra, Crown Plaza Hotel, Jakarta – Indonesia

Sunday, 23rd March 2008, 5 pm to 9 pm.

Who else will be there?

Soul ID, Iwa K, Sania, Ran, Saykoji, Ras Muhammad, Sister Duke, Ryan, Skalie, Freesouls, Music 4 Sale, Soulbrothas, Alexa, and of course Arion (but she won’t be performing anything).


5 thoughts on “Rave Alert : YACKO is back !

  1. Yacko says:

    arion!!! thx so much for reviewing ma 2nd album.. i kno u wud luv supergurls!!!!! hahahha dat song goes to u ma dear friend! coz i know u’re one of em!

    hahahaha.. and am laughin so hard when i read ur critics toward mendua… yep i admit.. d lyrics are typical.. but to ma defense.. i was just tryin to represent what those people hav in minds… hahahahahah

    but am luvin ur objective review! also thx so much for comin down to the gig!

    much luvs n kudos!

  2. nebulousarion says:

    haha you know i’m always frank about anything . Thanks to you and your buddies, i had a good time last night ^^ it was too fun ! And you definitely make good use of your students eh ? That gives me an idea … hmmm …

  3. Richard says:

    Making use of students? I thought that is your expertise.

    Anyway, I like jalan keluar, as soon as I heard it the first time.. (was it last year?) Harharhar.. Dapet advance screeningg..

  4. nebulousarion says:

    hmm after listening to the album thousands time, i’m getting to like “Apa Kabar “. (thinking of evil schemes to do on students)

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